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01/19/2014, 11:00 AM
Seeing the post on recommened side stripe vendors, I thought it might be nice to have a thread with recommended CS/HCS specific parts suppliers. ie. Side Stripes, Fiberglass parts, Hood Locks, Side Script, Tail Light parts, etc. Let's just post suppliers and keep idle chat out of it. Thanks.

Side Scoop Screen Kits: Willis Scharmer, hcsmustangs ( here on the site.
1968 HCS Decals: Willis Scharmer
1966 & 1967 HCS badges: Willis Scharmer
Lucas Fog Light Pedistal Kits: (in process as of 12/11/16) Willis Scharmer

Side Stripe Kits:, Recommended by Franklinair.

Decklid and Quarter Panel Extention Fiberglass: Tony Branda
I don't know the quality of these parts, but a source.

Hood Locks and mounts:
Scott Drake Twist Lock:
National Parts Depot: Mount:

Gas Cap: NPD

Note: Be sure to confirm this will fit a 1968. I ordered one once and they sent me a 1969 cap, it had the same part number for both 68' and 69'. They told me they fixed the problem.

Gas Cap emblem for above cap: NPD

As always, check with ClubPro here on the site, he owns R and R Classics and should be able to supply most parts listed above.

Please post your recommendations for suppliers you are happy with. Thanks.

01/19/2014, 01:57 PM
I've had EXCELLENT dealings with Ron @ R&R. I'd do more if it weren't for the geographic separation, him being in CA and me in NC. As an aside, Ron can get carpeted floor mats with the GT/CS embroidered on them. A nice custom touch.


01/19/2014, 02:05 PM
On the Branda fiberglass the end caps ones I bought were so far off I would have had to cut the studs and relocate. Or enlarge the mounting hole by a lot.

I was going to use them on a EXP500, but ended up buying OEM trunk lid and end caps, as the fit was so poor. The fit of the OEM was significantly better than the Branda repros (tilted off kilter by about 1/4" from body line). As an obviously hand made item for stud location (big gobs of putty/glass to hold them, not formed bases as with OEM) maybe just a one-off QA/QC issue.

The Branda "red version" tail panel was pretty close to original, but again found a OEM. Paired with a set of taillights ($250 for the lot, I thought that was a great price, even though the panel had a bit of damage but was an easy repair.) That part would have been very useable, but as I had OEM....

01/19/2014, 07:01 PM
California Pony Cars ( is likely the primary supplier of fiberglass parts to the various vendors.
CPC has been making those parts since the 1980's. They do not sell direct, but you can source a vendor through their website.

The Coral Snake - either makes or did make reproduction rear wiring harnesses.

01/19/2014, 10:15 PM
Branda notes Legendary as the manufacturer of some of the fiberglass I bought. They sell 2 or 3 variations, depending on part.

Think Pete had a deal with Alloy Metal (or is it Metal Alloy?) to make up the rear harness (down the side of the car, not right at the taillights, but IIRC it was a limited run and he sold them all a while ago. I have 2 spares... maybe he has made more.

01/25/2014, 10:00 AM
Mike and Neil,

Thanks for the recommendation and your support over the last 6 years. Unfortunately I had to shut down R&R Classics. I can still get the floor mats for anyone that wants them, but R&R is gone. I am looking at starting a new parts business called Legendary Mustang Parts, but I am still a few months and dollars away from getting that going.

As far as the fiberglass parts that are out there the only source that I would use is Rebel Mustang. The items that I have purchased from them are as close to the originals as you can get. When I was restoring my CS the body man that I was using had been restoring Shelbys since the 70's and he said that the side scoops that I gave him were the best repros that he had ever seen. Remember that they will need to be shaped to fit your car so don't buy them thinking that they will bolt right up out of the box. I've read some of the online reviews slamming Rebel because the parts didn't fit. Their deck lids are spot on. They use the exact same process that was used making the original Shelby parts.



01/30/2014, 11:13 AM
I was just looking at the stripe kits from Phoenix Graphics. The description only talks about the fender and door stripes. It does not seem to include the scoop graphics or the trunk stripe.

Kit Contents: Part #SK104
(plus color code)
•2 Front fender front stripes
•2 Front fender rear stripes
•2 Door stripes
•Squeegee & Instructions

At $119. I would have thought it was a complete kit.