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02/28/2005, 03:57 PM
O.K. all you Mustang guys, who can tell me about the Terlingua's? I figure that the guys here in the California Special forum might have a better understanding since the CS were low production and unique pieces of art. You all(s) feedback is appreciated.

02/28/2005, 09:00 PM
You really from Dallas? mmmm
The Terlingua Mustang is a turnkey road racer built by Dallas Mustang Parts in Dallas Texas.
The Terlingua is the name of the Trans Am racing team Carol Shelby put together in 1966/67 which used GT350 competition Mustangs to smoke the competition.
The proper venacular would be "all y'alls feedback". lol
Just poking fun atcha!

03/02/2005, 09:51 AM
I got a letter from Phil Remington (Shelby's Trans Am race guy) that in '68, they put rear spoilers on their racing coupes--claiming the GT/CS as the "legal" reason to do so.

The racing "referees" said "no", and overnight, they put the stock trunklids (and end caps) on the cars.

Since the Mustang racing team "had" to use the Ford engines, they kept blowing them up (and not winning), so they decided to harass the Javelin team with this spoiler stuff--since they got to have spoilers on their cars.

Terlingua? That's where they have chili cookoffs....and that sticker with the bunny with a sword. Somewhere in...uh...Texas? LOL

Paul N.