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03/02/2005, 06:38 AM
Hi everyone!

Its been 2 days since the arrival of our GT/CS and i have noticed that both the headlamps do not work, so i presume its the bulbs that may be non functional, it seems to me that the headlamps are sealed so is there no possible route getting to the bulbs? so what would be the solution to get these headlamps working again?

SECONDLY when the igniton is turned on, there should be a few small lights in the dashboard that show, but these seem to be not working either, any ideas anyone? ???


03/02/2005, 07:33 AM
First thing I would do is change all the fuses in your fuse box. When your old fuses are out, clean all the contacts and then make sure you put the correct amperage fuses back in. You really don't know what the past owner did.
Check and see if that works.
If not use a testing light attached to a good ground and find out if you have power at your lights (with the switch on). If so, check the contacts on your lights. If they look good then replace them and see happens.
FYI, there are past posts in this forum indicating that the switch itself can go bad.
Hope this gives you a starting point.

03/02/2005, 09:47 AM
I believe the power for the headlights isn't fused, but checking your fuses is a good idea anyway. Power comes from the battery side of the starter solenoid, through the light switch, which has a circuit breaker in it and out to the lights. If your taillights and/ or marker lights are working then it's probably a bad headlight bulb or the connection at the back of the bulb. Remove the trim ring at the headlight (3 screws) and retaining ring (3 more screws) and the headlight will pop out the front. In the dash, the brake and seat belt lights may be burned out and you have to remove the instrument cluster to change them. Have fun.

03/02/2005, 03:59 PM
Thankyou guys for the guidance and i will keep you posted when i have checked all of the above, your help is very much appreciated! ;)

03/03/2005, 08:47 PM
I would get a look at the "headlight switch". If there are no dash light, either, it could be that. there ANY power there? If there is a REAL problem there, also get the turn signal switch tested, since a lot of "stuff" gets routed through there.

The headlight switch also has its own circuit breaker built in. If you could get a voltmeter (multimeter) and check to see if 12 volts is coming into the headlight socket, it might be the bulbs.

Fuses can "lie" to you, too. They can look good, and yet, fry into the ends, actually being bad.

Keep us posted. There is a lot of great help here from experts.

BTW--Your car looks great!

Paul N.

03/05/2005, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the help and compliment Paul, it is a very nice looking car! i actually rang up a mustangs parts place in the USA and the guy recommended i get hold of a circuit tester and check that there is power going to the bulbs before i buy anything, the cars electrics are absolutely fine apart from the front headlamps and a few igntiion lights in the dashboard, can you possibly tell me exactly which lights ignite in the dashboard when ignition is turned on?