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03/15/2005, 03:51 PM
In another post, the suggestion was made we should think about joining the Shelby club to give our cars some more exposure and cement the Shelby ties. Here's a chance to voice your opinion.

03/15/2005, 04:12 PM
I'm all for joining SAAC.

03/15/2005, 04:22 PM
I'm probably not a skilled enough writer to keep this from sounding petty but my only concern with joining the Shelby club (which I think we should do) is that we run the risk of being looked down upon by the "real Shelby" owners. What, with our little underpowered wannabe coupes.

Since Paul knows these guys he'd probably be the person best to address this concern. I am a member of SAAC, as I'm sure many of you are, but I haven't had the opportunity to mingle with the other members.

All in all if the SAAC members want us my vote is to join their ranks. It'll be good to finally add some variety those shows that have nothing but same old boring Shelbys and Cobras year after year!

03/15/2005, 06:30 PM
I also belong to SAAC, and I have gone to a number of the SAAC events. The focus on nearly every event is the open track portion of the meet, with one day set aside for a show. I really like the SAAC members and the events, but I have to say that most of the emphasis is upon Shelby automobiles and their race heritage. I don't believe anyone would "look down" on a GT/CS/HCS, but I think these cars would be out of place with the emphasis of the SAAC events/meets.

I don't think I would be interested in taking my GT/CS to a SAAC meet, but I sure enjoy taking my Shelby GT 350 to them!!!! Just my two cents.


03/15/2005, 07:08 PM
I used to be apprehensive to promote TOO much about the GT/CS with those Shelby guys, and to my suprise, Rick Kopec became quite a sincere friend and supporter of the GT/CS.

I have never tried to state that the CS was anything beyond it's Shelby Automotive-designed trim option on a Mustang.

However, I was approached by Kopec to write about the GT/CS and HCS for the past BIG SAAC Registry. This was a surprise to me. SAAC has embraced my work and the books that I've done. I've never gotten any kind of "you're too underpowered to be in the club" type of attitude from these guys. They are genuine, and if they really didn't like "us" or the car, they'd say so long before now.

Sure--you're gonna get a few of those horsepower guys at any show, but they're the 427 Cobra and Ford GT, Boss 9 and Pantera guys. But you know, that can happen at regular Mustang events when they roll those "high dollar" cars off the trailer, and then thumb their nose at a '64 1/2 six cylinder red on white coupe. But overall--in this hobby, Mustang or Shelby, it's a pretty cool group.

Besides--anyone who did a CS racer would be right at home on the track with those guys.

Since the CS had Shelby design history--and that Fred Goodell (chief engineer, Shelby, 66-70) worked on this car, I can't see much problem being accepted. I think even the Shelby Dodge GLS 4-banger type cars are accepted... So, in my experience with the top guys at SAAC, I feel completely comfortable with us joining--as a group.

Go have a looksie at:

That has been my experience--maybe others of you have other experiences that you wish to share here??

Paul N.

03/15/2005, 07:16 PM
P.S. So...I was wondering. What exactly would you want as being a "club" within SAAC? Would you want a membership card and window decal? Would you want me to offer the registry to be included in the upcoming SAAC Registry? (cars only confirmed by Marti Autoworks?).

Have some sort of GT/CS and '68 HCS "class" at SAAC events? (only with 3 or more cars attending).

What did you have in mind? I'm a little confused. I can go to them and do a dog and pony show, and then they ask: "so what do you want?", and I'm standing there....uh... :-\

03/16/2005, 12:57 AM
Paul, now you've got me going...uhh??? I hadn't considered any variables because most of the clubs up here don't break the vehicles into categories, there just aren't enough to bother with. I looked at their website and I would guess they wouldn't want the CS on the same footing as a Shelby or Cobra but would probably be willing to put it in a seperate class like the Tigers, Pantera's, etc. I wouldn't bother with giving them your registry. I'm wondering if we have enough people that would join to make a dent and accomplish what we're trying to do, which is increase our exposure. I'm open to comment and suggestions.

03/16/2005, 01:30 AM
I'm the odd ball that voted to have our own club. ::)

Living in rural Idaho we really don't have much in the way of clubs, groups, car shows etc. The few shows we do have in Jackson Hole, WY and West Yellowstone, MT are all inclusive, all makes all models.

I'll pose an interesting question because I find it odd that all this love for the GT/CS and I'm starting to feel like the only one here that could give a crap less about how much my car is worth. The dollar value of my GT/CS on the open market means absolutely nothing to me because I have no intention of selling the car. That's not to say that some day I may have to sell the car or may simply want to sell the car.

I guess my question is should the emphasis of our focus on a club formation be to increase the value of our car or should we look for a club or group idea that would make getting together a family affair of GT/CS owners, in a nut shell should it be about what would be the most fun and inviting or most valuable or cost enhancing? In this case for me "Don't Show Me The Money".

I personally have nothing against being associated with the Shelby group short of I don't own one, like too but don't. I probably wouldn't look seriously at making any long trips to participate or even joining in this type of a club or association as I can't see any real benefit to me in it. However Paul's recent mention of a Route 66 GT/CS HCS get together had my juices flowing and my mind wandering as to how much fun it would be to get together with a bunch of GT/CS owners. Not so sure the Route 66 idea would work but I love the idea of getting together somewhere and swaping spit with the rest of you guys/gals and maybe taking a drive in the surrounding area of where ever we were to meet up.

I love the idea of creating our own little nick in the automotive world, being our own little self even if we are a part of Mustang/Shelby history. But then again it has nothing to do with the money or inflation of our GT/CS for me. Don't get me wrong I hope the value goes up forever and it's interesting to see it climb but that rates fairly low on why I own a GT/CS.

Happy Trails.


03/16/2005, 05:36 AM
Isn't this group a club? If someone wants to organize a rally or other event he or she posts it on this message board and it happens. The only thing we don't have is a formal name and officers.

03/16/2005, 11:10 AM
There are two types of value - personal and market. As Hook said market value is not as important to some of us, as the personal value of an item is mostly above market value (like your grandmother's piece of furniture she left you). Market value is what people are willing to pay on the open market - different from personal value.

Attaching to SAAC will do two things. Increase market value, but most importantly will get the word out about our unique breed of car (which can also help with the personal value - I like people admiring my grandmothers piece of furniture she left me).

I think SAAC brings more interested people to our "family".

Paul, my humble suggestion is that we ask SAAC for a class (or whatever appropriate name) - based on the Shelby roots (The 1968 advertising says "Inspired by Shelby"!). If other classes such as the Tiger, the GLHS and Shelby Charger use a registry, then we should be too (if they let us). BTW, I bought a Shelby Charger brand new in 1984, and it did not FEEL like a Shelby as the GT/CS does.

There is no reason to ever change this site, or the family feel to our group. SAAC just adds a new dimension of organization which we can take advantage of.

For the record - I am not advocating this to boost the "$" value of my GT/CS - but the "excitement & interest" value. Thanks for being patient and hearing me out. Casey

03/16/2005, 11:11 AM
I can see that there is a need here for a sort of comraderie with other GT/CS owners. I can understand how each one of you want "more" out of your GT/CS & HCS experience.

I don't want to take more credit that I should, but I started this back in 1985, and it's grown to a bigger, and more involved and interested group that I ever imagined. Between 1988 and about three years ago, there was nothing like this website for owners.

I think by expressing this desire for a club really means wanting to have get-together--or a way to socialize with these wonderful folks that we share (digital) conversations with. I feel a responsibility to you all, and I hope that we can do something in the future to actually meet and have some fun and share our experiences, and go over each other's cars, etc. I have to apologize for not giving 100% on this lately, because I'm doing another book which is my only source of income right now, but it's about to go to press.

If the Route 66 idea doesn't happen, what might be a better idea is to have a tour of locales where owners can meet, whether it's a Mustang or Shelby show, or have some sort of drive somewhere. The thing to do is figure out where there are "concentrations" of GT/CS and HCS owners to find convenient places to do this. But--that can happen anytime. Maybe just have some sort of big destination to meet? Perhaps develop a special big Mustang show for limited edition Mustangs only?

Perhaps the thing to do is have as many people as possible express what they would like to do. I know the idea of a club is enlightening--but it might not satisfy that desire to take this ownership experience to the next step. I mean, a decal and membership card is nice, but then what?

I'm not at all shooting down any ideas here--in fact, I'll still be talking with Kopec at SAAC, but I think from what I see here, is a desire to have a chance to do more with our cars and get together.

let me know what you think,

Paul Newitt

03/16/2005, 02:02 PM
I'd say you certainly understand my feelings Paul, can't speak for anyone else. Short of my own personal enjoyment of owning the GT/CS (read; standing in my garage drooling quite freqently for the past 20+ years) the next and probably the only other interest I would have relating to my GT/CS is to share it with other GT/CS owners shooting the $#!+ and swapping spit, I personally don't care what non owners think or know about the car. Interest in the car IMHO by non owners should come by stumbling over one at a drive-in burger stand and having the guts to go up to the owner and ask what's the deal with your Mustang man?

I have no interest in increasing it's value (I didn't say I hope the value doesn't go up just not a goal of mine) and I guess I could honestly say I have no interest in inflating interest in the GT/CS, in fact I kind of like the fact that the car is an unknown. Part of the fun for me in owning my GT/CS is that people don't know what it is and when I have it out and about it draws a crowd and offers me a little fun in explaining it (thanks especially to Paul and everyone else here for educating me). I've never found anyone that didn't believe what I explained to them, only those that found it very fascinating that there was a car out there that they weren't aware of.

Exploitation can bring bad things, I haven't put a lot of thought as to what bad would come but I can assure you that exploiting the car and making it a widely recognized item or household name will bring some negative as well as less looks our way when it's out and about. It will also bring some good like offering those that buy the GT/CS as an investment the opportunity to make good on their investment so there will be both good and bad. Where does the balance on good and bad end up I don't know but it won't be the same as it is now but then nothing ever does stay the same.

In the mean time mine will still be in the garage under the car cover (hopefully restored) waiting for the day that Paul comes up with a good location to invite all us owners out to play. That to me sounds like a ball, meeting in Colorado or some central location with a get together show and shine (not interested in competing in car shows) so we can see and meet one another and take them out for a spin on some scenic back country road. I'll be there if at all possible even if my car isn't restored and I can't bring it and I'll be hoping it becomes an annual event so I can bring the car when it is ready.


03/16/2005, 06:18 PM
The value of any car is only what an individual is willing to give you for it. The more individuals who would like to purchase it, the more you can get for it. Esoecially if those individuals have lots of cash. LOL

I for one saw my car 17 years ago and wanted it then. I found it was for sale last August and I bought it, sight unseen. I paid what was asked and hoped it was worth what I paid. After I bought it I started to do all the research for information about my car. That's when I found y'all. I've been here ever since.

I think I paid what the car was worth and believe I could have sold it for what I paid for it at that time.

I would think that association with the SAAC would be a good thing for our cars. Just last week Paul S. posted that he had to show his car in a modified class. Was it a MCA show? (I don't remember). I find that amazing, a group of judges "Mustang experts" didn't know what it was. This additional exposure would stop this sort of thing from happening.

Even if Ford produces a new GT/CS, if they don't advertise the fact that it has a predecessor. Our cars will still be overlooked or worse people will not only ask are we trying to make a Shelby, they will ask why we are putting new GT/CS emblems on our cars.

PB gtcs
03/17/2005, 04:19 PM
Folks, here is my 2 cents worth. I would enjoy the comradre of the Shelby guys. As Paul stated, the CS is Shelby inspired. To me, the true value is to share stories and share the love of the cars. If we would be taken into the SAAC here in KC, we would join. Not to increase the value of our car, but to be with kindred spirit. I have a 427 SC car and now we have the GT/CS. My brother in law is moving to town.
We may start another project. I urged him to look at the Sunbeam Tigers as a resto. That way in our family we would have basically the first three generations of Shelby cars. Tiger, Cobra, GT/CS. Would love a Shelby GT and a GT 40 to round out the stable, but then, its terrible being born poor. Anyway, less I digress. My vote would be to join if asked. It wold give us the chance to get together with other folks to discuss our cars. If some want to race, great. Otherwise, they increase their ranks and we can learn more about our cars.


03/18/2005, 08:43 AM
Brian, I agree with your point of view. The history is there to support the connection for the GT/CS and HCS. (BTW, how is the Tiger history connected to SAAC?).

Remember to use the survey that Steve set up to vote. Casey

03/18/2005, 07:07 PM
Shelby American designed and built the first two Tiger prototypes at the request of a Sunbeam dealer. They were then sent to England where Lord Rootes, head of the Rootes group that built the Sunbeam approved it for production.

03/21/2005, 12:44 PM
I found this quote when poking through the SAAC site about the Tiger. Is it a stretch to say Shelby (or Fred) built the first GT/CS (or GT/SC)? Little Red and Green Hornet seem to meet that statement?

"When SAAC was started, the cars it catered to were the ones that Carroll Shelby built: Cobras, GT350s and GT500s. We didnít know much about the Trans-Am notchbacks built by Shelby American back then. Ford GTs were also included because of the role Shelby American played in making them into race winners for Ford, but their small numbers would not be likely to account for a large increase in membership or a shift in the clubís focus. There was also originally a strong Tiger contingent in the club who always took the opportunity to tell anyone who would listen that Shelby and Ken Miles built the first two Tigers"