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03/21/2005, 04:25 PM
Wanted to start a new thread on the coolest, best memory you have had in your Cal Spec? For some of us, it may have been the day we took that first drive after "somewhat" completely our restoration. I would imagine there are others who would say it was the day the delivered the car after buying it. Lastly, I hope there are other cool memories of those who have had a chance to drive one for some time and can say " there was one particular day....."

Anyway, interested to hear!!!


03/21/2005, 05:15 PM
Wanted to start a new thread on the coolest, best memory you have had in your Cal Spec? For some of us, it may have been the day we took that first drive after "somewhat" completely our restoration. I would imagine there are others who would say it was the day the delivered the car after buying it. Lastly, I hope there are other cool memories of those who have had a chance to drive one for some time and can say " there was one particular day....."

Anyway, interested to hear!!!


03/21/2005, 05:49 PM
There was the time in high school.....nope Rhonda would be all over me for that one. Then there were the college years......let's skip those years too. Sorry, nothing comes to mind.

03/21/2005, 06:02 PM
You betcha Moses. ;) Rhonda

03/21/2005, 06:09 PM
The best CalSpec memory I have is seeing it for the 1st time......which was a real pins & needles experience for me because I basically purchased the car "sight unseen." Doing that is so uncharacteristic because I'm basically a real conservative person. I had been talking to an auto restoration shop on the Cape in MA and was totally impressed with the kind of work I saw there. Anything from Model A's to muscle cars, T Birds, Mopar
and European cars. In fact this place has "the" reputation for quality and always wins awards etc. I spent time talking to the owner, and told him what I wanted was the car I had in college.........basically a 68 Mustang coupe with 289CI and 3speed or 4 speed. And that I wanted a car I could restore, but it had to be a solid #7 with #10 being the best. The owner told me that what I wanted was a south western car that was never exposed to the harsh New England winters, and that he made several trips a year to Texas, Arizona and So. California. I said it made sense, and to give me a call when he found a car I'd be interested in. He called me about 4 weeks later, but he hadn't really found what I had been looking I told him I was patient for the right car, and to keep looking. By the end of June, he called with a list of 3 cars that fit my description, but he said "I have another car which is kinda rare that you may have an interest's called a California Special." My heart began to pick up pace a bit, because as a kid I'd seen one California Special but never had really seen another one since then. It was kind of ironic because I had recently read an article about that special production car. I called a friend of mine in Keene,NH that does primarily Mustang restorations and he told me to get serial nos, and a list of about 8 questions to ask. What really made this vehicle attractive also was it had a 289CI, air conditioning and was from Phoenix, AZ. After everything checked out, I wired $ to my friend who said I won't be back for another 3 weeks because I have other cars to pick up. B ;)ut one thing he said that was re-assuring was, "if you don't like the car when you see it, I'll buy it back from you." Needless to say I was chomping on the bit to se my "sight unseen Mustang purchase." (It was tough keeping that from my wife).
3 weeks later I was down on the Cape to see my car, and could not believe my eyes when the mechanic drove up to me, handed me the keys, and told me to take it for a spin for an hour. I must admit I couldn't believe how straight and solid the body was, and couldn't wait to get the car home !'s been almost 8 years later, and I've completely restored the car outside and inside. There were a few "surprises" but nothing major, and my wife and I spend a fair amount of time cruising the countryside or over to the beach in the warm weather.
I basically run the car from mid-April to the 1st of November, and then put her away for the winter. This car has given me such pleasure, always gets a lot of looks and questions, and makes me proud to own a fine example of Ford Mustang's California Special.

03/21/2005, 07:07 PM
Rhonda it pains me deeply that you make light of the role my GT/CS played in creating a social life during my formative years. :'(

There was certainly some of what you're thinking ;D but there was also a lot of nonsense that the wife and parents, and others who think I'm an upstanding person, really don't need to know about. But then, they's probably never believe half of it anyway. Things where I (usually accompanied by "the guys" but not always) should have died or been arrested, or both.

Like the time I decided the best way to stay awake, at 2:00am, while driving home from an interesting night across the border was to hold the speedometer on 100. I figured that I'd have to stay awake because, at that speed, I'd be in serious trouble if I fell asleep. Hey, it made sense at the time, of course Canadian beer is really stong, and it did work, until I blew a tire. Those old tires weren't made for such abuse. Luckilly it was a rear tire. But then the jack wouldn't go high enough so I had to put my tool box under it. Ouch. All the while my passenger slept in the passenger seat. I never told her what happened, just drove her to her house, kissed her goodnight and went home.

Then there was the time I was racing a guy in a Jaguar over Blewitt Pass in Washington. Stupid, stupid, stupid...but fun! We should have both been killed for the places we passed each other. When we reached the end of the road we parted ways with a friendly wave. Being older and somewhat wiser I'd never do that again. We could have killed others as well as ourselves but youth, a 289, and a 4-speed tend to make a bad intoxicant for a 17 year old.

There, see you got a couple out of me. But no more my wife might find out about this site some day.

03/21/2005, 07:18 PM
Hey Mosesatm, I know that road- since I grew up in Yakima. Lots of good twisty, turneys. Anyway my "best" memory actually involves a friends CS when I was much younger. We'd been to several parties that night looking for "Mustang Sally's" and were on our way to another when he ran out of gas. We were in no shape to walk the 1/2 mile or so to the gas station so he pulled a bottle of Everclear from under the seat, poured it in the gas tank and the car started and drove to the station. I stopped drinking that stuff that night 'cause I didn't want to put anything in me that would make a car run.

03/21/2005, 07:25 PM
I always figured that was just an urban legend. Glad to know it really works.

BTW I grew up in Omak. I was actually coming back from Yakima when I met up with the Jag. Went there to get a set of Cragars.

03/21/2005, 07:30 PM
Moses, I don`t have the slightest clue why you even brought me up on this topic. After reading your first post on this topic I assumed you had done some girl in your car and you were afraid to say something because I would give my opinion on it. Thats why I replied. By all means, go on and tell any story you want. I was young and dumb at one time too. I really feel you bringing me into this was just harassment. :'(Rhonda

03/21/2005, 07:53 PM
Rhonda, I'm sorry you took my reference to you as harrassment. It certainly wasn't meant that way. I should have written the response more clearly so you would have seen that it was meant to be humor. I also posted it before I read your post so I didn't realize you were so upset about some of the ramblings you perceive as sexism on this board. My reply to your comment was meant as good clean fun but due to the incredible bad timing of the posts it probably came across differently.

One consequence of a board with a topic such as Mustangs is that the majority of posters on it are probably baby boomer males. And, while the humor may get a little lockerroomish from time to time it seems like most of the posters keep the humor and off-color comments fairly cryptic and subtle.

Sorry for any misunderstanding. Let's chalk it up to just being a Monday!

03/21/2005, 09:00 PM
...Let's just say that I have a few memories of San Diego winters, that if i had a "heater delete" it wouldn't have mattered.

Best Memory? (#2)

Having thanksgiving dinner at a friends home in Orange County (CA), and meeting Donald Frey's daughter (and her husband). I took her outside to show her my 400K mile GT/CS. A testimony to her dad's engineering on the Mustang with Iacocca. She told stories of how he'd drive prototype & show car Fords home from work in the 60's.



03/21/2005, 09:20 PM
Oh ok, I really get a kick out of the humor on this site. I think what you guys were saying was funny. In my particular case I was raised by a father who only wanted boys and made that very clear to us 4 girls. I went to work at the meat packing plant where my father retired from and was constantly harassed and reminded by supervisors and fellow employees that I should not be working at a job alot of men could`nt do. I am 5ft 1 in tall and 125 lbs. I was working in 50 degree temps hanging 17 to 24 lb. water filled hams for 10 to 12 hours a day. I worked there for 3 years till a disc exploded in my back. I`ve got 2 daughters, one has a disability and I guess all the suppression I`ve encountered in my life has made me a little touchy. Even the mere fact that I love Mustangs and add my 2 cents worth here on the site probably has made some of the men here think I am butch. I have been married for 18 years. I don`t expect anyone to feel sorry for me. I just want myself and women in general to have the respect they deserve. Even if she is yours, or his, wife that got the new living room when you got the new interior for your stang. Even if you do have so much money that you never even think about what you spend. She should not be left in the dark about anything. Respect her enough to tell her. Even if you don`t think she needs to know, you may be glad you did in case something happens to you. This is the last of my opinion on this subject. I think we should let the forum be about these beautiful cars and not my ramblings. And on that note, my most memorable memory of my car was a few days after a friend drove my GT/CS home for me, he had adjusted the clutch peddle so I could reach it and I drove it myself for the first time. I remember how he exclaimed as I pulled back into the driveway about how he "did`nt mean it as an insult" but that I "shifted it just like a man!" ::)It was bittersweet to say the least. This is a crazy mixed up world. I love my car and every time I drive it it is a precious memory. Rhonda

03/21/2005, 11:01 PM
Hey Rhonda...

I think that overall, the "guys" here are really respectful, and as I've said before--a very supportive and respectful group.

Thanks for the background story. Interesting...

OOPS! You should have been know..

...ALL Highland Green '68 Mustangs have a little bit of "Bullitt" in them!! :o Just try to keep your car from chasing '68 Dodge Chargers.

Paul N.

03/22/2005, 05:39 AM
yep, this thread did take a right turn.

Can we get back to the lockerroom humor please? ;)

03/22/2005, 08:30 AM
Does a HCS story count? It was love at first site! My main objective was to get my hands on a nice convertible. I searched for months, locally and via internet. As I narrowed my choices by discussions with sellers and photos of the pony to be sold, I was drawn to a white convertible that had a vin number I could not decode. Special Order Unit ??? I had no clue and the seller only knew it was a convertible Mustang. The owner had passed away and his sister became responsible to sell the car. After several conversations I made my decision. This is the car to purchase. On Thanksgiving day 03 I began my journey from Lake Charles, LA to Kansas City, MO. driving a dualie and trailer through the Arkansas hills and mountians. I arrived late that evening and contacted the seller to let them know I was nearby. Checked in to the hotel and minutes later the seller arrived at the hotel to escort me to their home where the car was waiting to greet me. I had a grin from ear to ear and could not speak. I walked around the car and was given the keys and my ears heard, "Go ahead, start it up and take it for a spin". I didn't go far because all it took was that first look. The seller invited me to eat Thanksgiving supper and chat about the trip as though we were long lost family members. Completely thrilled not only about the car but also the welcome feeling I was given. With my stomach full, I went back to the hotel to attempt sleep and anxiously await the next morning. That morning I drove the truck and trailer to the sellers home to complete the sale and load my "new" convertible for the trip home. I was invited to eat breakfast with my new family and during this time, my "new" car was loaded and secured for the trip to its new home. The papers were notorized and a gracious "please be careful and contact us the minute you arrive home so we will know you and the car made it home alright" was ask of me. I tell you it was one of my most memorable Thanksgivings!! We continue to keep in contact and I am very thankful that everything about this purchase occured as it did. Have you ever had the feeling that some things were just meant to be? Only after a few days back home did I discover what the "Special Order Unit" was. Oh My GOD!! This car is a High Country Special. I contacted BTeets and the car is now in the registry. The original color appeared in the trunk, convertible top housing, underneath, and other hard to paint places. I am the third owner, the car had 49, 213 original miles, and its a HCS. Happy, Happy, Happy. I now have the fender badges and this spring, the color will be returned to Timberlind Green.
When people here ask me about the car, I explain that it is a High Country Special and many didn't know this option exist. I once dreamed of owning all three body styles for 66. Well, maybe some day soon, there is a fastback out there with my name of it. Hey, I do have my eye on a EmberGlo fastback.........we shall see. Hope you enjoied my experience.


03/22/2005, 09:49 AM
Wow, those are all some great stories. Yes, it's true, my buddies CS did run on Everclear-and ran GOOD to, but I don't think I would do it to mine for fear of melting the pistons. Rhonda, I for one am glad you're here and hope you forgive us. Moses, next time you're "home" get in touch with me and we can meet up.

03/22/2005, 12:52 PM
:) Thank you Steve. Rhonda

PB gtcs
03/22/2005, 03:35 PM
My best GT/CS stories??

Brother Paul driving while sitting on a seat not bolted down, his son standing up through the windshield area waving like a prom queen. Priceless!!!

Seeing Brother Paul walk up past a lot of owners of nice cars to get second (Outstanding) award at World of Wheels.

Young Zach presenting the results of 2 hours of steel wool work on the fog lamps. What pride he showed. What great looking chrome. I hope he never forgets this build.

Seeing the smile on Paul's youngest as he drove the car out of his driveway with the kids in the car for the first time. You should know, Patrick has "his" seat in the middle back seat. Has his own styled seat belts.

Being at Paul's house when a big pick up stops dead in the street as the garage door opens. "Hey buddy, what's that car?? Can I see it!!" Instant Car show.

That is why we restore cars my friends, the relationships they bring.


03/22/2005, 06:30 PM
Me and my GT/CS. Almost sounds like a song. First let me say I enjoyed reading everyone elseís stories, some of which even stirred up some memories for my own story telling.

Iíve had my GT/CS since I was about 20 and Iím now 42 so we have lots of memories together, weíve been through both good and bad so here's a few of my memories.

A couple of memories with my oldest son, I remember the time he asked me what I was doing in the back seat with him when I was supposed to be driving right after he asked me to punch it. I was wondering the same thing along with wondering where I was heading as I couldnít see and if I was going to hit anything as I couldnít reach the brakes. All turned out well short of we had to have the seat back repaired as the hinge had broken in two when I punched it.

Another time I had my oldest son with me and we were heading down the road and hit a stretch just over a canal bridge that was protected by old growth trees therefore the ice on the road hadnít melted off. I was going way to fast to get slowed down and we headed into some 360ís, lost count and ended up in the borrow pit narrowly missing a power pole. No damage thanks to the snow. My son around 4 years old asked if we could do it again!!

Old blue took me on my last adventure while married to my first wife. I was suspecting her of an affair and decided one December night to check on exactly where she was. The CS was buried in snow as I didnít drive it in the winter but I dug it out and it faithfully started right up. Away we went holding the door shut as the latch was frozen and wouldnít catch once I opened it. Weíll skip the details on the next part and jump to the fact that I filed for a divorce at 8 AM the next morning and made sure it was stipulated that she got the new F150 and I got the Mustang even if the door wouldnít latch on cold winter nights I knew it would keep me warmer from that point on than she would.

Headed up to the Island Park Rodeo one August near West Yellowstone MT, we had a designated driver so we had a good time at the rodeo. The rodeo is a huge deal and all the hotels and lodges in the area sell out way in advance. Well it turns out our designated driver found some friends and decided to stay the night leaving my date and I high and dry, well not exactly dry. She insisted she was OK to drive and I insisted I wasnít OK. She took the wheel and we headed down the mountain pass. She came up behind a loaded logging truck and decided the highway was clear so she started to pass and got half way when a car came around the corner. She slipped over to the edge and when the CS came to a stop in the loose gravel it was on the edge of a drop of about 40 feet. Had to get a tow truck to pull it back on the road and the State Troopers wanted to talk to the driver and she had the gall to try and get me to take that roll. I told her I wasnít driving and I wasnít taking credit. Good thing as she was a blonde bomb shell with bigÖstories and she talked her way out of it. Iím sure Iíd have been headed to jail. She never drove my CS again, wanted to but didnít and she isnít my current wife either, we moved on.

Well thatís more than enough for now, lotís more stories between old blue and I, some of which will stay between us forever Iím sure.


Stacey Enderle
07/30/2009, 07:57 AM
I know this thread is 4 years old since anyone has replied to it. But I figured it'd be fun to put my 2 cents worth in. This was back in 1972, Mom and I were in our CS driving to town. Not really paying any attention. I looked over at the speedometer and notice the needle was creeping up and up and up and I looked over at her. Why are you speeding? She didn't say anything, so I didn't think any of it. All of a sudden she slams on the brakes almost sending me flying through the wind sheild. I looked over "pissed" and said what the F___ is going on??? She immediately gets out of the car and retreives her purse lying on the deck lid. Ya might say the spoiler prevented her from losing her purse. Again I asked why were you speeding??? She confessed that she saw an "object" lying on the trunk of the car and she was speeding up to see if she could lose it. Her gloves were long gone, but with her purse weighing 10 lbs sat there like a rock. Short term memory on her part.

Midnight Special
07/30/2009, 08:55 AM
...That's hilarious Stacey :-)

07/30/2009, 08:20 PM
There's nothing quite like a midnight repair job by streetlight. I was driving my GTCS to San Diego in 1979 or 1980 when the water pump went out somewhere around Camp Pendleton. Pulled off on a remote offramp to the smell of antifreeze..and roller bearings all over the engine bay! As fate would have it, the lone gas station had a rebuilt water pump. So my friends held the flashlight while I pulled and replaced the water took about two hours, as I recall.
Today, I would just call a tow truck, but back then I had no bucks!!

GT/CS S Code
07/30/2009, 10:58 PM
Well, last Friday night, July 24th was our 10th wedding anniversary. I got the "S" code out of the garage and we took it for a bit of a drive and some dinner out. This was our wedding car, borrowed from my best friend Terry Rann, who was kind enough to sell it to me in November of 2007. Our friend Terry passed away one year ago last Friday, on our anniversary day, so I couldn't help but think of him too as we drove around town, out to dinner, and then back to the house. There are fond memories and some sad memories all rolled up in this one "special" car.
This is a shot of Laurie and I with our GT/CS parked under the tree where we were married in 1999. It was an outdoor wedding and our car is parked in the exact spot where we said our vows.
How time flies ...

Stacey Enderle
08/01/2009, 06:31 PM
Another fond memory I have with my CS. Back in 75 as seniors about to graduate in 1976. Back then we purchased our class rings and other class memorbilia a year earlier. It took longer for "Jostens" to process those orders. Instead of ordering the traditional ring or necklace of that sort, I purchased a keyring that had the "Spirit of 76" on it, since we were the graduates of 1976. Everyone was opening up their stuff. They asked what I get. I held up a key ring and dangled it. They looked at me rather funny, since I didn't own a car yet, so I jokingly said," I have the key ring, now all I need is the car." They shook their heads and laughed. A week later I pulled up at the high school in my "future" CS.