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04/03/2005, 09:15 PM
I don't know why but this whole clone thing has a strange facination with me as to how much it really takes place and why.

I know I've said before but the first car that ever had an impression with me was a 69 GTO Judge. Now I'm sure that if on that same day it would have been a Shelby that drove by my first car memory would have been a Shelby but it was a Judge and I thought to myself, man that is the coolest car. I was probably 6-7 years old. Well that memory has stuck with me. There are 3-4 original GTO Judges in my home town right now and my home town is small so I'm guessing it had the same effect on others when who ever bought that first Judge cruised it through our little podunk town. Well as you are all very much aware GTO's especially early and Judges have a high $ value and I became a Ford/Mustang kind of guy anyway but I would still love to have me a GTO Judge someday simply because I love the looks of the car. I wouldn't however pay what they want therefore I would look at getting a regular GTO or Tempest and Adding the spoiler and Judge stripes, just for me. Simple conversion easy to do, no intention of passing it as a real deal don't even care if it has a 6 cylinder under the hood as I'm not a hot rod type person. I'm all show no go and the older I get the more true that gets.

The Okie Special is a perfect example, no harm intended from how I see it, beautiful car, my hat is off to the person that undertook the project they did a great job from my perspective and I'd be proud to drive the car.

With that said I'd like to pose a few questions.

What are the reasons for cloning and what are the advantages?

Why would you think that most clones are done?

How often do you think that cloning is done with ill intentions?

It is odd and because I own a true GT/CS is bothers me to think that someone could clone one and have one but on the other hand I could do it with the GTO and I wouldn't be doing it to offend or lessen the value of someone with a true Judge so the emotions are mixed I guess. Searching my own soul for right and wrong here I guess, on one had it seems wrong on the other it seems it's my personal opinion and I should be able to do as I want.


04/04/2005, 12:41 AM
I think we all have some kind of fascination with certain cars and if it happens to be a rare and expensive model then does that mean those of us who can't afford a real one can't have a look-alike? I've never really had a problem with people cloning or customizing their car so I guess it just comes down to what you enjoy about cars. If you like fast cars then you'll make a fast car but if you like cruising classic cars then make a cruiser or any of the other categories you can fall into. I still have my '67 fastback that I've been turning into a bullitt copycat but hey when I was a kid (and probably even now still!) that was my favorite movie because of that car. But I can't afford a real S code 4 speed fastback in original green paint so does that mean I can't have or build something that looks similiar? So my 67 came along at a great price but was a six cyl. originally so I started making my car even though it is a year off of the movie car. Now I would tell anyone right from the start that it's not original and I'm not ashamed of what I'm doing to the car I just build what I like and can afford. When I found my gt/cs it was sunken up to the hubs in the mud (I still kick myself for not getting pictures then) and I thought it was a cool car but I didn't really like it all that much at first I was just a fastback person I guess! I learned a little about the car in a book I have called "Mustang 641/2-68" and towards the back it had a little two page sidebar on it and that's where the car started to grow on me. What was nice was it's a unique car as-is and doesn't really need changing. But what if I couldn't get one? I don't think I would make a clone because so far the prices are still pretty reasonable but I wouldn't scoff at anyone who builds there own if that's what they can afford and they don't try to pass it off as original. If I found a '68 charger that wasn't a factory r/t you can bet I'd be making the bad guy's car from bullitt and I'd probably even add the r/t badges but I know in a race or at a show I won't be fooling anyone! But I love to drive old cars and maybe if I had a "real" high end car I wouldn't drive them as much for fear of crashes or theft etc... so maybe I have different motives. One thing I can't understand is lamborghinis and ferraris' built onto volkswagen or fiero frames. Now those are exotic looking bodies no doubt, but what's the point when it doesn't scream down the highway? But if that look is all you want, I say go for it but tell the truth about it when it's selling time!

PB gtcs
04/05/2005, 11:54 AM
Hook, as a guy who owns an AC Cobra "Replica" or clone, I can tell you some of the motivation. Money. One of my first car loves was watching Bob Bondurant and the boys racing on Wide World of Sports. My Cobra is as true to the original as I can afford. But, I am not fooling anyone and say so very quickly. I love the sound, feel and the other stuff that comes with it.

On a separate subject a buddy and I are looking for a "make money" project. We are looking for a 6 cyl 69 Camaro that we can put in a BBC and make a COPO clone. After all the COPO was mostly a clone anyway. It was not intended for street use. So, we think we can give someone a real thrill to own one of these race equiped cars. We will not try to fool anyone, but for some guys, they remember the "old" days and the BB Camaro dressed in plane Jane is a car not often seen. Today, that is where most bang for the buck. It is money.

Brother Paul and I were very careful to get as close as we could to stock with our CS. We love it. Would do it again. I just like cars and if I can spend some of my time woring with them and make a little scratch, we will build a clone.

My 2 cents worth.


04/06/2005, 01:14 PM
In my case I was planning on building a Little Red or Green Hornet clone. I was leaning towards the Green Hornet since it was Highland green. I had all the fiberglass on the back of the car and also had the side scoops on then life took a turn and I had to wrap up the car quickly so I painted it at that point. If I had the time I would have put all the fiberglass on the front of the car then painted it.

Why? Just because it is a fantastic looking car.

04/06/2005, 08:38 PM
If you could see how cool that green paint is on the Green Hornet--you'd fall in love with it, too.

The GH paint has GOLD metal flakes in it, instead of silver, as in production Highland Green paint.

They parked the GH next to a HG car, and the difference was so obvious!

Paul. N.