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04/11/2005, 12:49 PM
I have a question regarding Shelby valve covers and oval air cleaners that I've seen on some GT/CS's:

I've seen "COBRA" on them and "CS" logos on them, ... if one were trying to replicate a period correct engine accessory (dealer installed or aftermarket), is there a preference as to which one is preferred? ???

I've seen a GT/CS with one type, and another with the other type, and they both look sharp 8)

04/11/2005, 02:39 PM
the "Cobra" were available through Ford, they would be the closed letter, black wrinkle finish covers. The CS logo with SHELBY on them were the aftermarket covers available through Shelby Enterprises INC. The CS logo are period correct, but aftermarket items

04/15/2005, 07:06 AM
I am still confused by this issue. In Paul's book, he shows both types of valve covers. We want to buy a set of valve covers and an Air Cleaner that would be considered a dealer add on when we show the car. Therefore, what is the recommendation for both items to come as close as we can to buying the dealer add on equipment??

Cobra valve covers -vs- CS Shelby valve covers
Round air cleaner - vs - Oval air cleaner
Cobra air cleaner -vs - ??


04/15/2005, 08:43 AM
In the Spring of 1968, the Shelby American parts and accessories catalog had both the Cobra and CS-Shelby valve covers for small and big block.

Although all of what you ask about was available at the time, I would personally use the CS-Shelby valve covers and CS-Shelby Oval air cleaner, although both are difficult to find.

I personally prefer using the oval air cleaner, since the round chrome one looks more like a "65-'67 type of Shelby item, used on the (pre-'68) HiPo 289, and HiPo 4bbl 390, used in Fairlanes. CS owners might consider mimicking what the "68 Shelby had (i.e. Oval AC), to keep it consistent--but that is up to each owner.

Ford dealers could order these items from Shelby, and from their own Ford Performance catalogs. Since Shelby was tied to Ford more closely in '68, I wouldn't consider their items as "aftermarket". If you wanted a FE sidewinder or SB cobra intake put on, you could get it at the dealer. Think of it as a '60's version of SVT / Ford Racing Accessories & Perf parts.

Paul N.

04/15/2005, 09:11 AM
Thanks Paul. I appreciate the information. By the way, I am send you a CD of our pics. Hope to get in the mail today or tomorrow.