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05/10/2005, 07:57 PM
Interested on comments or opinions about converting to Rack & Pinon Steering. I love the way it provides more engine bay area and room not to mention the smooth driveability. Since I have a big block I'd love to have the extra room. My concern is killing the value of my car once the shock towers are cut out. Several folks I've talked to recommend it and after driving several resto mods with this set up it's gotten me to thinking about doing the conversion. I know the old adage, it's my car and do what you want with it but, I'm torn between the two. I love the old school feel of the car but, also love the extra room and way the new steering set up handles. :-\ HELP.


05/10/2005, 08:03 PM
I think I felt a collective shudder resonate through the entire message board!

Are you thnking about doing it on the coupe or the GT/CS or both?

Wow, the big block GT/CSs are so rare that modifying one to that degree would be scary to say the least. Would starting with the coupe to see how you like it be an option?

05/10/2005, 08:24 PM
I believe you are misinformed. Kind-of. If you wish to put a Mustang II front end in your car then welding modifications are necessary and the shock towers become useless.
There are other non intrusive options for rack and pinion in our Mustangs.
Flaming River, Fat Man and RRS all make rack and pinion systems that will bolt in using the original steering system holes. No welding, no cutting.
For your GT/CS I would recommend one of these above the Mustang II as it would allow you to easily convert back if you ever desired to do so.
Fat Man and RRS also have front strut conversions also that will bolt in. I don't know if Flaming river does or not.
Hope this helps


05/10/2005, 09:52 PM

Excellent information! Thanks for pointing them out!

I think (overall) that you have to ask yourself how you use the car, and if you plan on showing it, and what are your thoughts and personal values about trophies, and how others will see you and your car?

The other side is that "life is too short", and to just enjoy what makes you happy.

We're not here to preserve something, just so someone else can buy it. It's like buying a cool toy in a buble pack, and never playing with it--just so you can sell it on EBAY later. If you plan on keeping it--why save it for someone else?

The TRUE VALUE is in what it does FOR YOU. Think about it.

For everyone--DO what MAKES YOU HAPPY. But, (in a soul-searching kinda way) make darn sure it's what you really want. Car shows are 5-10 times a year. Driving & enjoying your car are during the other 355 days a year.

Paul N.

05/11/2005, 04:35 AM
go ahead and cut up your 390 CS, makes mine more valuable! 8)

BTW I am just kidding, don't cut it!!!!

05/11/2005, 07:51 AM
Thanks all for your info. I've seen the Flaming River units and if not mistaken they use the same bolt areas as other on the market units do. KAR here in Columbus carries several different manufactures. I still have a lot of thinking to do about it.

Arlie/Jason: I'd never do that to the CS (had you thinkin though). It's the GT I'm looking at. Besides, she gets more travel time than the CS. Plus my girlfriend says she hates driving such a beast the way the front steers. Myself I don't mind. She has yet to drive the CS. And not because she hasn't had the opportunity. She's afraid if she should wreck it, the world will stop at that point.

Thanks again to all for your comments.

Don :D

05/11/2005, 10:05 AM
go ahead and cut up your 390 CS, makes mine more valuable! 8)
BTW I am just kidding, don't cut it!!!!

Owning and enjoying a GT/CS is more than just about money.

Paul N.

05/11/2005, 02:23 PM
She's afraid if she should wreck it, the world will stop at that point.

the world would stop if a CS was wrecked. ;)

Owning and enjoying a GT/CS is more than just about money.

I completely agree and never thought any other way. Sometimes the written word is not all the person typing thinks. I own 2 CS's and drive the one I have now everyday it does not rain. It is my favorite car.

05/11/2005, 02:28 PM
I agree with you 100%. Several reasons for my interest in the rack & pinon setup are:

1. Getting the extra room inside the engine bay minus the shock towers. As you well know and most everybody else the big blocks are a pain to work on when dealing with the shock towers.

2. This was mentioned to me by several folks in our local mustang club. By the time I am ready to sell the GT or the CS I'll be somewhere in my late 60's or early 70's and at that point who will be buying the car. Not someone in my age group. A younger person who wants the classic look but, modern handling like the newer cars.

I'm still rolling the idea around but, both make good sense to me. Plus, after driving several 66 through 68 stangs with this setup they did handle very nice and I was impressed.

Don :)

05/11/2005, 03:28 PM
my 66 has front coil overs. Shock towers are gone!

can't say I have driven it yet. Maybe in 1-2 weeks. Once it is broken in then we get to play with the 150 HP shot of nitrous that is hooked up on it. :)

05/11/2005, 07:39 PM
I think that whether to modify any Mustang or not is something worthy of a new topic.

It's a controversial one, but one that needs to be "discussed out", because there are folks unsure about doing what they want, for "fear" of being criticised by purists. They end up not being able to have fun adding "non-stock" parts.

On the other hand, there are those who do not appreciate what they have, and trash their Mustang with "junk", beyond the point of return.

There are much more expensive types of cars out there that are being modified. It's a matter of perspective

We need to also honor those original owners who have kept their cars stock and preserved.

We'll get into it later--but is has been on my mind to discuss later.

Paul N.