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05/16/2005, 07:03 AM
I just returned to Michigan from a Florida vacation. I was amazed to see what GT/Cs's were selling for down there. There was a red one on eBay in Bradenton that I went to see. I don't know what it ended at but I am certain it didn't do the $30,000 he was wanting. Granted the car was outstanding and needed nothing but it was a small block with 10 year old paint.
I also stopped at a dealer called PJ's which had a white with red stripe non-original 390 GT/CS with the wrong grill, no fog's or hood pins and some rust around the edges. (it was a real CS but had been hit in the front). He was asking $21,900 and was non negotiable. He told me he had just sold a small block clone for $25,000 and he would get what he wanted for that one too. I was amazed. I am a licensed used car dealer and know when someone is feeding me a line. I actually believed him. If these cars are going to start bringing this kind of price. I may have to re-think buying the CS I have been teetering back and forth about.
What do you all think, are these cars finally going to start getting the recognition and dollars they deserve?

05/16/2005, 09:41 AM
It's one thing to get a particular car to get recognition, and another to inflate prices on the speculation of it's uniqueness.

I've noticed that sellers outside of the west coast like to promote the CS as so unusual that it would command a higher price. They like to exploit what people "don't know". if the price is "high", I think that is an artificial inflation. Remember when GT-350 Shelby Convertibles jumped to $70K back in '93?

People want something "different" now to be noticed in. You have to be careful, and I would especially look for original paperwork, or demand a Marti report before getting involved in buying anything like that.

I would also look closely for rust on any Florida car of that age. Some of these out of state cars were (former) military owner cars.

Paul N.