View Full Version : Pictures of the underside of the new 390 CS

05/27/2005, 09:18 PM
got the car up on stands to change the oil and do a few small things. Here are some photos. She needs to be wiped off and maybe a little fresh paint on the rear end and she will be good to go on the bottom.

05/27/2005, 09:27 PM
She looks really clean. Noticed your exhaust pipes, looks like they've been swapped out from the factory 2" to 2.5" hard to really tell but, that's one of the best moves you can make on a 390 car (I'm sure you already know that). Ford choked the heck out of the big blocks. If I could have gotten 3" over the rear axle guess what would be on my car. Just not enough room to manuver the bends in the pipes. Don't know if you plan on swapping the mufflers but, look into the Flowmaster 40 series delta flow. They are sweet. Low interior noise and good sound out the back. Enjoy.

Don ;D

05/27/2005, 11:46 PM
looks great, I will use the pics of the front end for reference on my car when I upgrade to power brakes ;D

I also like the look (blurred) of the SL600 in one of the pics.


05/28/2005, 04:12 AM
Jason, this is awesome. I thought the underside of mine was good having spending its whole life in Pasadena, but yours looks really awesome. Where did the car spend most of its life, and where did you get it (what state?). Has it been restored before?

You know we have the GT/CS bug when we drool over the underside of the car that most people never see! Casey

05/28/2005, 04:57 AM
Jason, I assume you know that your emergency brake is unhooked.

I've always wondered but have never ask you what got you interested in California Specials?
Mine was sitting on a used car lot in 1977 for $395. It was beat up but it was about all I could afford at 17.

Kind of like mangy dog one picks up at the pound and falls in love with. Other dogs (cars) come and go but they never replace, or measure up to, that one.

05/28/2005, 05:57 AM
This car is a Canada car. The DSO is B7 which is the Pacific Canada Ordering District. The car was driven for a while up there and about 12 years ago it was rusted badly. The previous owner had the car completely restored. While restoring it NOS Ford parts were used (fenders, floor pans, trunk etc). The car was completely about 8 years ago with the intention of being driven. The owner decided not to drive it so it has sat in a garage for the last 8 years and driven about 1000 miles in dry weather only. It was started monthly to keep it fresh and that is the way it sits today.

I got interested in CS cars from seeing one is a Mustang history book. I then found this site and a cool thing happened on how I got my maroon CS. I had bought a 68 Sunlit gold coupe off of Ebay that is as clean as any 68 coupe out there that has been driven and not restored. This car was bought by me, had the engine detailed and the next day in got 4th at the Houston Autorama. This car will be doing better this year since I spent some time detailing it. While I was looking around this site I noticed a picture of 2 CS's for sale and in the first picture I saw what I thought was the 68 coupe I bought off of Ebay. I also recognized the garage in the pictures and sure enough it was Scott's (GTCSMustang) garage who was selling the 2 CS's (which I ended up buying the maroon one).