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06/02/2005, 08:53 AM

Once again I found myself absorbed in reading Paul's first book, it never seems to get boring and I am constantly finding new stuff! Anyway, I noticed that if you ordered your GT/CS with the AM/FM radio option, you were also given door speakers and grills. I don't believe I had seen that except on cars with Deluxe option interiors. Has anyone seen this or has this on thier cars? Would that mean that if you have the lower grills, you also have the courtesy lights as well? Thanks!

06/02/2005, 09:00 AM
IF menory serves me well...

If you had the deluxe interior, you got the grilles--with or without the speakers included, since the courtesy lights required the use of the grilles. "Most" deluxe cars included some sort of higher-end sound system, either AM/FM, or AM/FM 8-track--but it wasn't required to get the grilles.

Non-deluxe cars got the grilles with the deluxe stereo system (AM/FM, 8-track, etc..).

These grilles look cool, but they play havoc with lady's high heels getting in and out of the car (since dates of mine have complained). And the retractable belts ding up the grilles when they are released.

-Paul N.

06/02/2005, 02:38 PM
My car had a standard interior with a AM/FM Stereo. I have the grilles and door speakers, but the car didn't have the door courtesy lights when I got it, although the wiring was there, so I'm adding lights as I find them. Since they aren't reproduced and I'm a cheap SOB, I only have one so far.

06/03/2005, 02:40 PM
Good one!! We had our original blue doors that came with our car. We did not use them because they were rusted out so bad. However, I did notice that our car came with a AM radio and it had door speakers. Just like Steve, we did not have interior door lights.


06/05/2005, 07:18 AM
Looking through old FORD literature here is what I found:

"AM/FM Stereo Radio.....Speakers are mounted one in each front door for a virtual concert-hall sound." FORD Times, August 1968. $181.36

btw, that is more expensive that the GT Equipment Group which was only $146.71, or the Interior Decor Group which was $123.86.

In the March 1968 FORD Times, it says "A dressy Interior Decor Group option is available to add class to the interior of any Mustang model. Among the features included in this option are: courtesy door lights, intergral arm rests and a smart grille design in door trim panels...."

So, it looks like you could get the grills with the Interior Decor Group option, or with the AM/FM Stereo option. Casey