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06/07/2005, 08:19 AM
I received my July 05 issue of Mustang Monthly today and read the article, "Red Hot", with great interest. The prices of Mustangs continue to increase rapidly, and while the article focused upon Cobra Jets, Shelbys and Bosses, the point is that prices on these cars are not going down anytime soon!

The article also stated that many Mustang enthusiasts are worried that the price of a particular rare Mustang will be so high that the car will be unobtainable in the near future. Another point made is that most collectors believe that rare Mustangs are "under valued" when compared to similiar Camaros and Mopars, making rare Mustangs super "deals" for buyers at this time.

While GT/CS-HCS Mustangs are not specifically mentioned in the story, our cars are usually "lumped" together with Shelby's and Bosses as rare Mustangs, albeit at the "bottom" of this "food chain". Consequently, I'm guessing that we will see a continual rise in the value of GT/CS-HCS Mustangs, so if you are considering a purchase of one of these beautiful vehicles, do it now.....not later.

Just my thoughts,

06/07/2005, 08:23 AM
personally I think all Mustangs in general are underpriced.

06/07/2005, 01:13 PM
With all the continued talk about values--good and bad, I wanted to pass on an unfortualte reality that I'm discovering with the Marti reports that I'm getting. Most cars have a six to seven month delay from when it was delivered to the dealer, and sold to a customer. A few were sold off the lot in early 1969!!

I'd heard that these cars didn't sell well, and that is why, after about May '68, you get a lot more DSOs, as well as the HCS sale to Denver.

As a consolation, the Cobra 427s in 1967 also didn't sell well at that time. So...go figure (literally!)

Classic Shelbys' values are based on fond memories and the heritage of that time. Bosses' value are based on the engines (302, 351, 429)--not the car, as such.

The GT/CS and HCS (and other limited editions) have value based on the style, and memories, but mostly on their eye-catching uniqueness. They get attention, and owners want something now "different" for car shows.

I've always said (and still do) that the GT/CS' value will fall in the shadow of the '68 GT-350 Shelby. "IF" Ford does a '06 or '07 GT/CS, then things may change..

Paul N.