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04/05/2006, 08:27 AM
I will list places I have purchased parts from and a little description of the prices/service.

All Classic Mustang
This is the place I use the most. The owner JD Larson is one of the most knowledagble people I have come across and a really nice guy. He has almost anything you are looking for in stock. His prices are very fair. Easy to get on the phone and quick shipping.

Mansfield Mustang
If you need ANYTHING for a big block this is your go to place! Bill Upman is as knowledgable as anyone around on BB stuff. Prices are fair. This is my first place I call for BB stuff. Hard to get on the phone sometimes but kleep trying.

If you need a non NOS part this is your place, enough said.

They have some NOS stuff but if you are looking for hard to find stuff they probably have it. PRICES ARE HIGH BUT THEY HAVE SOME GOOD STUFF.

Orlando Mustang
Have some NOS parts and are very knowledgable.

Pony Carbs
If you want a concourse correct nice looking carb call these people. Tell them what you want and it will come ready to drop on without any problems. I would not hesitate to use them again.

AMK Products
If you need nuts. bolts and hardware this is your go to place by far.

Have used them for a few things and an exhaust for my Cobra Jet. Good parts at a fair price.

Marti Auto Works
Get your Marti report here. enough said.

John's Mustang
If you are local to Houston go by here to get your parts.

04/05/2006, 09:43 AM
In addition to the above vendor's Jason has listed I have used the folks below for most of my parts that were needed. I have also used them for actual hands on repair on several occassions.

K.A.R. The Mustang People
Both Kevin and George are very knowledgable about all mustang issues. Their shop personnel are also knowledgeable about all mechnical repair issues. If I have a question I simply call and am always provided with an answer. Prices are very competitive. They have a large showroom area with most parts on hand which allows quick shipment. I am fortunate that they are located in my local area.

02/12/2007, 04:06 PM
I found Trophy Mustang had both hood brackets and pins. Here is a link:

02/12/2007, 11:15 PM
Another good source for FoMoCo NOS is
I bought a dozen or so NOS temp sending units from them a short while ago.
Prices less than most NOS vendors.
You will need to know the part # and some part # knowledge but a great resource none the less.