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Here's the deal. The seller will go down to $30,000 but that's still more than I want to spend. I'm not saying the car isn't worth that amount but I'd need to put at least $5,000 into it to make it how I want. it's a great car with a few things that need to be fixed and I'd love to own it so please don't let all the negative things shown below scare anyone. Most of these items are easy fixes, but there are a lot of them.

My impressions:
- The paint is perfect except for one chip on the driver's side door ridge.
- It has an older 289 out of something. It's quite gutless
- The fog light brackets are missing
- The clutch doesn't engage until the pedal is all the way out. I don't know if that is an adjustment issue or a clutch issue.
- The brake pedal bushings are shot but the clutch pedal bushings are fine
- The windows roll up well except for the passenger rear - it's stuck
- Still running points, which could be one reason for its lack of power
- For some odd reason the hood turn signals are missing, the washers are missing, and the car has the wrong gas cap.
- It has the original style exhaust system.
- It has new convertible carpet which needs to be replaced with coupe carpet
- One shock tower is cut for access to the UCA
- The shifter is the sloppiest I've ever used. Shifting is pretty much a guess.
- The front tires (2011) rub in sharp turns
- It has the wrong seat belts and no shoulder belts
- The headliner is wrinkled at the rear C-pillar
- Tapping on the usual rust areas resulted in a lot of dull thuds instead of metallic tings
- It rides solid and tight but the steering box needs an adjustment
- The owner says it's running 3.55 gears but I don't think so
- Other small items that I can send to anyone who may be interested

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