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Originally Posted by hookedtrout View Post
Heck we could sure try and print some dust jackets out? That's a great idea. I'll see what I can put together once the books get here and I know what size I need. I think my printer only prints 11 wide or what ever a normal piece of paper is. Worth a try.

I play around and around and see where I end up..

I have scanned in both inside dust jacket flaps. I have them as a JPEG file and anyone that would like me to email them to them can email me with a request and I'll send them both to you and you can try and make a dust jacket or book marks or what ever you would like to do with them. If you can print out large enough sizes to make a complete dust jacket you could put your own car pictures on the cover and back and make it into what ever you would like.

email me at if you would like me to send them to you.

I want to say everyone has just been awesome in the wonderful responses to the book and I thank you all for your wonderful comments, I appreciate them all and I'm overwhelmed with the wonderful response and I'm just dang glad it's met or exceeded everyone's expectations.

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