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Originally Posted by Tequila View Post
I check this site at least couple of times a day for any new postings... I am not on Facebook so this is my primary news source about CS. I've noticed lately that activity has dropped off a bit on this site and wonder if the FB group has anything to do with it... Anyways, I am staying with this forum.
I take a look once or twice a week. Mostly to check the classifieds. Not looking to buy. Just curious. Activity has indeed dropped off in the 18 months since I reactivated my account.

Probably the Facebook page has been a contributing cause. I joined the FB group but do not go there often as it is 90% late model GT/CS oriented and I really have no interest in late model cars other than my DD SUV. If I have a question very specific to the '68 GTCS, I post it here. If I have a question that is generic to '68 Mustangs I will post it on VMF (sometimes here as well) as there are so many more eyeballs there. Wil also respond to posts here.
I do wish this forum was more active.

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