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This is Rob the modified guy! When it comes to brakes on our old cars these are my thoughts. Unless you are racing, towing a load, or have significantly changed your tires to a larger/softer implant, discs do very little. One other outlier is if you have just went down a STEEP hill then need to panic stop. Drums are susceptible to heat and fade.

The main constant is the coefficient of friction between the tire and the road surface. In a panic stop, all four tires are more than likely locked up and are skidding. Does not matter what system locked them up. Now an ABS system utilized on our old car would reduce stopping distance, but again only marginally due to the tire.

If you have significantly upgraded your tire to a high performance soft compound of significantly more width, a disc conversion may help you stop better. Again, if you are racing in autocross or open track, you need brakes that will not fade under high duress situations.

A Sunday driver with a a good four wheel drum system will perform one panic stop with ease. A power assist will make that one stop easier as Neil suggests. IMO disc conversions are a waste of money. As far as maintenance there is very little on a good drum system with auto adjust systems that came on our cars. To auto adjust them just find a small hill and coast backwards while gently pumping the brakes. They will adjust perfectly and stop straight. You need to replace the star adjustor and the auto adjust tab to ensure that they adjust properly.

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