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I have heard that rumor, I think it is highly unlikely that ever occurred, think about it, you basically have to disassemble a car to convert it to a CS. Remove the deck lid, and taillights and replace, remove the interior to put in the side scoops and taillight wiring harness, and the under dash and front wiring harnesses would have been different because of the fog lights, then replace the grille. It would make no sense for ford to do that given the Gold Nugget special was just a series of otherwise available options and could be sold as is anywhere. It would be cheaper to just build another car with the CS options rather than converting an existing unit. I am pretty sure DS would have been different as well. Lastly, which was the point I was trying to make, this is an early Gold Nugget special, if such conversion did take place, it probably would have been one of the last of the GNS built, not one of the first ones. While it is possible this happened, I don't think it is probable...
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