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Update on the new book status from Paul...

You can tell the members of the site that I am progressing well on the book, and in fact, just found the Ford designer that did the '68 GT/CS. I will be interviewing him for the book.

I'm making strides on new information for Little Red and the Green Hornet prototypes. For example Little Red was painted a special red color--which is NOT Ferarri Red, but a close version. On the Green Hornet, some parts were revealed in the restoration photos, that prove her as the GT/SC prototype. In my interview with the GH restorer, Martin Euler, I'll ask about whether he wants to make me an GH-type IRS unit for my own GT/CS; maybe two or three for other owners (??) if thereis enough interest...

Once the LR/GH chapters are to be completed this week, then it's off to finishing the 2007-09 GT/CS section, by an interview with that project's manager in Dearborn.

With those chapters completed then it's just a matter of editing the first 100 pages, and then refining the restoration and concours section. We'll tackle the taillight wiring problems once and for all!!

I wish to aknowledge and thank everyone on this site for your help, inspiration and hard work providing not only historical information, but for their data and registrations for the registry. I DO appreciate it.'s back to the book! I'm knee deep in long hours to finish it up!! Cross your fingers for a July release, if all goes well.

More to follow in regular updates!

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