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I have done core supports, battery panels, floor pans, quarter panels, trunk floors/lower extensions, and wheel houses. Floor pans can extend up into the firewall, but my guess is with Neil, is you need the cowls and the upper areas?

Mu suggestion is a complete doner area from a decent car. Then attack the spot welds just like they were put together. I have done this very successfully in my career. I have never attempted what you are doing!! I did cut off the driver side windshield post at the dash level and up into a quarter of the roof on a 67 coupe. I went very well. Again, a doner factory piece. Lots of support and measurements, but not on a frame rack.

Not sure if I have ever seen a repop of the panels you want to replace.

Or you piece weld the bad areas.... Got any pics of the car? Too bad as I just got wind of a 68 car cut up that had great pieces in the areas you describe.

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