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I showed my '66 coupe and my former GTCS in the Councours trailered class at MCA shows. This car is not in that class. The engine compartment, trunk and underside certainly show some wear. The rest of the car looks pretty good at least from the pictures. Meadowlark Yellow is a pretty color. However, it would look better with a black vinyl roof and interior IMHO. My dad bought that combination in a '69 Torino 2 Dr. GT coupe and o this day I think that it is one of the nicest looking cars Ford built back in the day.

Why our cars are not worth more is a little perplexing to me. Heck, they sold more Shelby's in '68 then GTCS's and I bet that now, there are more Shelby's in existence. The formal coupe roof line and the GTCS add ons is an excellent blend of practicality and "raciness." I have never been a big fan of '65-'68 fastbacks. But that is just me. If I said that on other Mustang forums, I would take a lot of heat, but that is just my taste.

Marty is right. You can easily pay an excellent restoration shpp $30k for concours prep and paint on a solid car $20k GTCS and that is just the beginning. Many of us do not have the talent, tools, facility or friends to do the body/paint work.

I doubt that very many GTCS's made it to the Northeast over the years which make them even rarer there. I live in the Chicago area and I took mine to her first show this past weekend. Only one person I spoke to knew of these cars.

Oh well, it is what it is as they say. I just like these cars now matter what you can buy/sell them for.

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