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66 Dearborn HCS

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'66 Dearborn built HCS

Well she's for sale and I finally have some pics. '66 HCS built in Dearborn. YES, I said Dearborn. Car is original Timberline Green with the badges placed correctly on the fenders. This car was ALWAYS Timberline Green and not a repaint. This car was featured in the March '02 issue of Mustang & Fords under the Rare Finds column written by Jerry Heasley. This was a "double feature" column also showing Mr. T's 1 only '68 X-code HCS.

Bucktag breakdown-
65A- Standard Hardtop
Blank paint code
26- Black standard interior
22G- scheduled build July 22,1966
510065- Denver DSO with special order #
6- 2.80:1 open differential
1- 3 spd manual trans
C-code 2bbl 289

Brand new parts- Carlite Windshield, front and rear valances (rear GT), dashpad, passenger toe/floorboard.

Used parts- '66 AC system (entire system), grille in great condition, complete dash wiring loom. T-bird taillights including the buckets, wiring, lenses and bezels. The taillight panel has *not* been cut for these. Too much to list.

Car currently has a GT/CS style trunklid but the original has also been retained and will come with the car.

bodywork/mods- Both seatmounts lowered 1" and moved 1" to the rear and re-welded into place. New driver's side quarter, passenger's side lower quarter patch, new taillight panel, any rust on the skin that had eaten through was patched correctly with sheetmetal, not bondo. Only remaining rust on the skin is only surface and easily DA'd away. This has already been done to the hood and then primered.

The HCS badges are restored to better than new condition and clearcoated to seal the brass.

I have the original owner's manual with the buyer's name and address, along with all the warranty info typed into the inside front page. It comes in the folder supplied by the dealership. This car was originally sold in Pueblo, CO on Aug 16th '66. That's only 26 days from the scheduled build date. The public release of the HCS in '66 was on July 23rd, only one day after this car's scheduled build date.

This was quite probably a special order placed by the dealership to get a Timberline Green coupe sent to them to be converted to an HCS, which would only be placing a badge in the correct place on the fenders. This car was NOT a dealer attempt to fool someone into buying a "fake" HCS, as some did, by placing an HCS badge on the glove compartment door of a regular 'Stang.

The only thing that points this car out as an oddball (even among HCS's) is the F in the VIN and the build date. Bob Teets has kept the info on this car with the registry since it was found. Although it occupies it's own special space outside the other cards in the deck. This car is also registered in the Special Paint Code Registry with Tony Popish. This car is NOT a fake or an attempt at any trickery.

The original motor is MIA, and has been for years. There are a few options to fix this problem. I have a 289 that needs a home, although it needs rebuilt-badly. The other option is a brand new 300HP 302 that I dropped into my '68 Ranchero 500. This motor has less than 400 miles on it and has not even had it's first oil change. It also has a built C4 with lees than 1500 miles on it. I'd be willing to sell BOTH vehicles for an EXTREMELY low price. I'm losing money either way, but I HAVE to sell ASAP! Please contact me if interested and for more pics. I'm a motivated seller and any serious/reasonalbe offer will be given consideration. Asking $3000 for the HCS with EVERYTHING I have for it including assembly and electrical manuals, OR $6000 for both vehicles. The 'Chero has a tow ball and could be used to tow away the HCS. All you'd need is for someone to drop you off with a dolly/flatbed. Details on the 302 Ranchero available on request.

$3000/HCS, $6000 HCS and Ranchero
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66 Dearborn HCS

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Re:'66 Dearborn built HCS

Here's the website with all the info!
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Re:'66 Dearborn built HCS

I checked out the Mustang on the page and the first picture shows the car looking perfect and then later it says...the car currently has a GTCS trunk lid. So i take it that car doesnt look perfect like the first picture, but in need of a paint job like the other pictures show?

Also Where did you get the GTCS trunk lid???
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66 Dearborn HCS

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Re:'66 Dearborn built HCS

The first picture is Bob Teets's former car showing an example of a perfect HCS. The picture is also a link to this website and if you leave your cursor over the picture there is a pop-up which gives credit to the fact that it's Bob's car.

The rest of the pics are of the actual car.
The trunklid I bought locally from a Mustang shop, but they can be bought from Maier Racing or Mustangs Plus. They run ~$400.
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Re:'66 Dearborn built HCS

I have to admit I was confused at that as well. Hard to tell that it's not your car you're showing. Just my $.02
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66 Dearborn HCS

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Re:'66 Dearborn built HCS

I could see why it my be confusing. I'll either dump the pic altogether or try to think of a better way to make sure it's not confused with the actual car.
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