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Paul Newitt &

Some may have seen a new post over the weekend by Paul Newitt. He joined the forums again after leaving the site a few months ago. When I saw the new post I emailed him saying that I thought it was best that he remain off the forums until his book was finished. It's something he and I talked about on the phone when he last left the site. After the previous drama I felt him being here again would be distracting to both the book progress and this site.

Unfortunately our email correspondence got heated and went downhill from there. There's no need to go into the details, but the end result is that Paul has now left the site permanently. He and I are cutting all ties to each other. To get any further updates from him on the book, Registry, etc. you'll need to contact him directly, either through his web site or the SAAC forums.

I'll be removing certain sections of the site that were written by Paul (and used with his permission up until this point). This will include the History, Parts Lists and Registry section. The info people have submitted for their cars will not be deleted (unless they want me to). I'll just need to work on a different way of showing it, which may take a little time. But whatever it becomes it will not be the Registry. The Registry is completely run by Paul and you'll get no argument from me on that. The registry form here on CS was never intended to do anything other then assist Paul's efforts to gather more cars.

For better or worse the decision is made and I'd like to just move forward.


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Jon - you are truly a class act; I for one really appreciate what you’ve done for this site and keeping its integrity in tact.. Best to you.

66 Shelby GT 350, 55 Chev Nomad my sons 07 Shelby GT#4208. SOLD Candy Apple Red 390GTAuto w/air - Now in Australia.
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Ditto what Doug said, it's amazing what a great job you do so quietly in the background.

You have my respect on what ever decision you make.


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I echo the sentiments above. Thanks for establishing and keeping this site above board and professional. Great job Jon!

Steve in Missouri
1968 Candyapple Red J Code California Special
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robert campbell
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You have been and always will be a class act. I have said this before, but your foresight in creating a vehicle for the owners of these cars has created the friendliest family of people I have ever met. I have only met a few in person and without this site that would have never happened. I look forward to meeting more!! Your behind the scenes handling of all it takes to maintain this site goes unnoticed at times. At the same time we DO notice.

Thanks again for all you have done. Keep in mind the collective group of this site continues to discover new cars everyday. Powell with the post small, small world just discover two more. This site will soon take over as a more complete listing of the cars after book becomes stale.


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Mark Puls
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Thanks for all you do.

Robert, couldn't agree more with your comment about the book being stale as soon as it is printed. Although I would like to have the 2 copies I paid for.

To me the key factor to maintain the integrity of the registry is to require a Marty report to register a car.

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Jon operates this site in a courteous, efficient & professional manner. I'm proud to be a part of it.

Neil Hoppe
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Thumbs up

Jon, I have to second everything that Rob had to say. Thank you for the site and indeed it is the only place we need to validate the thrill of owning and driving these "Special" cars.

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I certainly agree with all the previous post's. You have worked very hard to maintain an excellent forum. They folks here I have met and traded info with are the most knowledgeable and nicest people I have been around in the 50+ years I have been messin' with cars.

Thanks to you and all the members of this forum.

Dave Spry
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robert campbell
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Of note, Cory and I wrote a forward to our family book that is a quick brush of what makes the GT/CS or HCS "special". I am speaking for Cory, but I am sure it would make both of us proud if you wanted to replace some of the deleted history and recognition sections with all or parts of what we wrote. It would give a new guest to your site a quick and dirty of what our cars are! Very short and sweet and taken from internet sources and directly from a Marti reconstructed window sticker of the California/High Country Special option.

We have it in a word document and it is yours (our total site) to use.

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I am relatively new to this site. I just caught the end of the drama when Paul left. I have enough drama in my work and life do not care to have it in my hobbie. Thank You! for keeping this site one I can't wait to read. Marty
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Thanks Jon, greatly appreciated by all!

Let us know which bits of the site need to be changed and if there is any assistance any of us can offer as I'm sure the people here with all the knowledge and experience will more than fill any breach.

First time in ages I've read that section of the site as a result of your post. It was probably time for a freshen up anyway and with Rob & Cory chipping in it is bound to be better than ever!

Excited to see what improvements will come from this.

A Million Thanks,
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Jon, if it helps, I'll dig out my Ford Master Parts List and look up all the part numbers for the GT/CS specific parts.


The wannabe formerly known as an owner.
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Wouldn't you know it, this past weekend, apparently during all of these goings on, is the time I finally get around to attempting to update the ownership and registry info of my car. No wonder it didn't work out so well...I didn't know Paul, but thought maybe he had come back to "play nice".

Raven Black/Red S Code 4 Speed (Sold 12/11 to a Great Home!)
07 Shelby GT #3040, 05 Torch Red Vert
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Jon a big two thumbs up. We have enjoyed the site but stayed away when things started to go south. I know the site take a lot of work and thank you for the work you have done and will continue doing.

One thing I have learned from other members is we have a lot a talented people in the membership and if there is any help you require, just ask, and see how fast the response is.

Great job!!!!!!!

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