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  • Hi Jon, I have an update for VIN #8R01C168307, I'm the owner, Ellen Straver (Lenta) since 2007, located in the Netherlands.
    I posted wiring data on the regular discussion thread, but you may want to move it to the Restoration thread as it pertains to factory wiring data.

    Hey Jon, it's not a big deal but I thought I'd offer the idea of encouraging the Happy Birthday posts to be posted in the Off Topic forum like we used to do years ago, I like a nice happy birthday post as much as anyone but it seems they clutter up the "on topic" CS stuff. Just a suggestion and I'll live with it either way, thanks for keeping the CS web going all these years!!
    Hi Jon. I put up a post in the Classifieds about an eBay 1/64th diecast. Afterwards I realized that I probably should have put it in the general forum. Feel free to move it. I won't be offended. Thanks.
    Hi Jon. Do you have Paul Newitt's e-mail address? I'd like to see if he has any GT/CS decals left.


    Sorry I didn't see your earlier note. I've sent you an email to get the rest of your info. Thanks!
    P.s. I did try to fill out the online form but it rejected my entry as the warranty number was duplicated with Doug's entry.

    Cheers Les Davey
    Hi Jon,

    Hope you are well. Any chance of updating the online registry with my details as per my request below? Somethingspecial has done likewise.

    Thank you very much.

    Cheers Les
    Hi Jon; I rechecked the registry information again and noted the wheels sections shows unknown. I checked standard hubcaps with red center.
    Thanks Again
    Claude Sprinkel
    Hi Jon: Regarding the registry information on my Mustang would you please correct the owner information as "original" instead of unknown. My VIN is 8R01J142560.

    Claude Sprinkel
    Hi Jon,

    I purchased Doug Courtenay's S code VIN 8R01S171560 around July 2011. I'm on the forum as Bumblebee, and now have the car in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Could you please update the registry with this information. You will probably find Doug's original posts on the form with my comments and his.

    Thanks and cheers Les

    P.S. You can email me on lpdavey@live.com for any other information.
    Hi Jon,
    The threads on driveshaft stripes should be moved from stripes to driveshafts and axels.
    Thanks for all you do. Marty
    Hi Jon,
    Please update the online registry for 8R01C150282 to have the owner as John Hickson as I bought the car of Steve Herron. Location of the car is now Australia.


    Yes, and sorry for not giving you a call. I've been out of town. Will call this weekend.
    Hi Jon, Can you please put the West Coast BBQ/Gathering thread in a Sticky thread. Thanks. I hope you are going to make it to the gathering. Mike
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