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Diesel Donna

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  • Hi Donna,
    Glad to hear you are doing fine.
    I will try to email you a another email to see if you get it.
    Hooray for the fenders!
    VINCE!!! Oh my gosh! Well...a couple of things here. My license plate is MED SLED and I never lifted the bonnet for the photo shoot. My car is white on the top and red on the bottom. I looked online for Australian Ink magazine and I saw the cover shot (a man's face) and a blurb about the photographer Mitzi and Co. and the model, Maisumi Max. That would be us!! Maybe they put a fake license plate on there? I would like at least two magazines but I don't want you to go to a lot of trouble about it. I will pay for as many as you want to send! WOW! This is so cool! Thank you!
    Donna Culwell
    Hi Donna. Good news maybe. The second edition of Australian ink just hit the shelves. Although your car is not on the cover I do believe it is in the magazine on pages 6 and 86. Not sure if it is your car or not. Red ambulance with pretty young girl in front of it.(nurse) The last three letters of the number plate are 317. On Page 6 it has the front of the car with the bonnet open (hood). On page 86 has a picture of the car side on. If you still want me to purchase a few copies let me know as I will have to get them from a few places. Only 2 issues at the newsagent near work. They are $12.50 an issue. plus the postage. Dont worry about the paying for them at the moment. Once you get them I will let you know how much the postage comes to as well as the mags. If you still want them , can you let me know how many you want and what sort of postage etc. Also send me an address.
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