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  • Were can i get some car paint i need the Acupulco blue i looked at NPD and mustang unlimited found paint but nothing i casn use Tom from WI
    If you have nothing to do that weekend stop down it should not be far from you we park in the handicap area bring it up on the computer it is called Automation big show Tom
    I haven't been to it. Is it down your way. Hoping to have it running soon. Been trying to remove broken stud from the block and the easy out broke off.:-:)-:)-( I'm getting an itchy throttle foot. Would be great to meet you and see your car also.

    In the new Mustang Monthy of Aug Issue their is a chapter on overheating but i did all that and i still have problems i wish i new what to do Start all over again pulling heads and checking the parts of the engine Iam at a loss Tom WIs
    We just got back from Eaa air show in Wisconsin we had both our cars up at show carroll Shelby was their he was going to have a special sign in session for the people in the car show but they took him back to his hotel he was sick that was at 10 30 he was going to com e back but was to sick so the people with there cars did not get him to sign on any thing. I felt out of place with the California Special out of the 72 cars i would say that 95 per cent of cars were from 2001 to 2010 and the top of the line cobra gt500 gt350 and so on, you can see how i felt out of place they are the ones that the Ford Excitive pick all the the top of the line will send some pictures later on
    Hi, let me know if you're in Sydney and could use a lift. I'm right near the airport at coogee beach and would be happy to give you a ride if I'm around.
    Regards, Scott.
    does any body have a 68 am/fm radio to sell in good shape would like to put it in my 68gt/cs thanks tom
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