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  • Hi Bob, I would very like to purchase a Lucas fog light mounting kit from you. My email address is mdtodd1969@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your help with this.
    Hi Bob, what is the official color of 1966 HCS badges? Duplicolor DE 1601 (Ford Blue), Duplicolor DE 1621 (Old Ford Blue), Duplicolor DE 1606 (Ford Dark Blue) or neither? Found someone that is going to attempt to reproduce a pair or more if folks need them but I'm not sure of the correct color. Thank you in advance.
    Hi Bob, I try to get in contact with you for HCS decals but no result. please get in touch.
    thanx, Ellen (Lenta)
    Hi, sent you a PM with mailing adress and also some questions regarding how we solve the payment. Thanks for the support /J
    Hi Bob, Steve mentioned i might be able to buy some spare parts for my lucas piedestals from you. What I need is the black rubber base/washer the piedestals cylinder sits on on top of the grille surround. I have the other parts, so if it is possible to buy just a pair of these rubber washers it would make my day. Thanks /Jesper
    I'm trying to get the measurements for the headrest rest bezels you bought from Marty.
    Length overall , O.D., width of the upper most part of the bezel-mushroom head and the thickness of the mushroom head. As for the I.D. I'm going to go off the mounts. I have been searching the internet and facebook pages looking for other cars that have these bezels. I am going to make something work for me. I'm glad I had the opportunity to buy the other set.
    Thanks, Dominick
    Hi Bob,
    I just wanted to let you know that 66 HCS with VIN 6R07A232766 will soon have a new home. I have bought the car from Joe Murphy of NH. It will soon be headed to sunny Western Australia. Not much in the way of High Country here unfortunately but she'll probably be seeing the ocean for the first time. I'm in the Mustang owners Club of W.A., I've had several Mustangs and I do appreciate what a rare and special car this is.

    I'm happy to update your registry with my personal particulars if you can give me your email address, I'll send them to you.

    Best regards,

    Rick Dyball
    Western Australia.
    Hi again Bob. The mounting kit arrived today. Looks great...thanks very much. I didn't think I would see it that quickly.

    Bob, I am just wondering if my bank draft has reached you yet.

    Steve Cracknell
    Bobby,I totally spaced calling you to come by today I am sorry. I have a recent leg injury that i have been dealing with so i was juggling the doctors and work so i spaced calling you.
    I'm off to get a bank draft for you this morning. It will be in the mail tomorrow morning.

    Perfect. So, $73.90 US will do the trick then. Do you know offhand if I will get dinged for duty shipping it this way? I'll get a bank draft this week and get it in the mail to you. Thanks very much.
    Steve, I have the complete mounting kits ie. all the mounting hardware, the 2 peds, 2 bolts, 2 washers, 2 rubber bases,the 4 mounting plates (2 on each side that steady the lamps) plus the very detailed mounting instructions w/ pictures. $61.00 plus the $12.90 shipping to you via US Postal Service, at least thats what it cost to Canada earlier this year to a site member and that was on a SLOW boat by way of China, I think. Bank funds best to Bob Teets, 6874 Benton ct. Arvada, Colorado 80003-4244. Home phone evenings at 303-424-3866. Let me know, High Country Bob here. PS, you will need nothing more for you lamp installation.
    Hello Bob. I recently joined the forum and have just purchased a 50,000 mile GT/CS. I have incorrect pedestals for the Lucas fog lights and was told you are the go to guy for these parts. Do you have a pair of these and how much would they be? I am in Victoria BC. Do I need mounting hardware as well?

    I read on the internet that you are the go-to guy for HCS Mustangs. I am hoping that you could help me out. My dad has a 67 HCS that he buy new at the dealer. It is columbine blue with a 289. He is currently having a complete resto done. The problem is that his HCS badges were stolen a long time ago (he always claimed that a stoner took them because they said "high", but he probably was just guessing). Anyway, I would love to get a set of badges as a gift and as a way to honor my memories of a lot of miles spent in the back seat as a kid. If you have any idea where I could find some, I would greatly appreciate it!

    By the way, thanks for all you do for HCS Mustangs!

    Steven Venette
    Hi Bob,
    My name is Mark Escuin, I live in Texas and just bought my first 68 hcs mustang. Don't know if remember me but I spoke to you regarding buying Wally's car . Let me know how to register .
    Hi Bob, it was mentioned that you had lucas fog light mounting kits, I need 1, but have a future project car that will need a set as well. Do you have these kits, and if so how much? Dan
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