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  • Hey Rob, Finally got the rear end in my car. took it for drive and runs great. It's from a '92 Explorer, 3.73 gears. Only thing I see is the engine runs about 3200 rpm at 60 mph. now I'm thinking an AOD might be in order. What is in your car? and other than a cross member, what else is needed? Is the neutral switch the same? I've found one on CL from an '89 bronco mated to a 302 with shift kit. says everything included , even transfer case. $200 for the setup. Thanks, Bret
    Sorry I asked? Are you kidding?
    That's great stuff, you do great work. If I ever need something really nice made I know where to look.
    I also know that my seat brackets are no issue at all for you. :)
    My cars kind of benched. I have a new son born Nov 20.
    I apologize Bob...... EXTREMELY !!! I have had one medical issue after another for the last year or so. Please give me a call. 360-304-9371
    Bob i have a carb that i bought on ebay not to good of shape it is a 2bbl if you are willing i will send it out fix at your time let me know?
    Hi Rob I sent you a friend request ,if you want to accept it . By the way this is Eric from Malta .
    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for providing me with some sound advice on my California Special engine dilemma. I was curious to see if I could give you a call sometime and we can talk for a couple minutes over what I should have done. That would help me out greatly. You can send me a PM

    Let me know - Brandon
    Hello rob, Its me from SAAC, btw I sent you the email but if you have not opened it yet my name is Chris.
    Jeff here again. I am still gathering information on the 1968 Gold Nugget Special and also trying to get in touch with other GNS owners. I have a new cell phone number and was hoping to hear from you. It's (541)626-9527. You can also email me at milspecsniper@yahoo.com Anyone else who reads this post and has any info on the 1968 Gold Nugget Special (aka Golden Nugget Mustang ) please feel free to contact me as well. Thank you, Jeff
    Sorry Rob that I did not send you my email address. (brad.friend@verizon.net) I have some photos of my 68' Special if you would like to see them. Just email me, and I will send them to you. Brad Friend
    Rob, Could you give me a cell # while you are in Grass Valley?
    Ralph's cell # is 503-887-9432
    Do you own a Gold Nugget Special Mustang? I saw your Marti Report. I am trying to find out as much information about them as I can since I bought a GNS shell and have a long way to go on the road to restoration. If you have one or know anything about them, please shoot me an email or give me a call: milspecsniper@yahoo.com or (541)922-3677. Thanks, Jeff
    Yeah I think the AOD top ratio is a .67 or .7 depending on year/model which is just slightly higher then the .63 of the T-5 that I am running. Must be some difference in tire sizes because I have a 3.8 rear gear and I dont think I am running that much rpm , but then I seldom do 80 and my speedo is still off. I think those 235/45 17's I am running are about 25.3 or so. Got to get to Amy's car here and knock that timing back up,,, I thought it was high when we originally set it and it seemed to drive ok but didnt have enough time to knock it up further. From what she said you had it higher and ran better so I will knock it up more,,,, I wonder if that damper is in the original place ?
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