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Search results

  1. stangfan

    For Sale 1968 GTCS Brittany Blue location Canada

    Al Page's car was exported to Washington and then went to Oregon.
  2. stangfan

    ADMIN CALL FOR PHOTOS! -Submit your pics for the 2024 CS Calendar! - Deadline Oct 14, 2023

    Any chance this post could be made a "sticky" so it stays at the top of the Forum list?
  3. stangfan

    1968 2024 Calendar

    And I just sent you my entry...
  4. stangfan

    1968 2024 Calendar

    Will there be a calendar contest again? Fingers crossed...
  5. stangfan

    1968 67 or 68 Wheels?

    Don't know that I would call the white letters defective. I have always used SOS pads to bring up the whiteness and then 303 Aerospace Protectant to keep them white. No problems.
  6. stangfan

    1968 67 or 68 Wheels?

    Love my BFG T/As.
  7. stangfan

    For Sale 1968 GTCS Red C Code 289 4 Speed

    I can see a few red flags going on...
  8. stangfan

    1968 67 or 68 Wheels?

    I always start with the least aggressive methods and move up. Start by simply taking off the trim rings and give the wheels a thorough washing. Go from there. The red paint on the caps (if you plan to use them) can be fixed up using the right shade of red nail polish. Have fun and nice catch!
  9. stangfan

    1968 Transverse muffler

    NPD is very helpful also. You might want to call them up and discuss.
  10. stangfan

    1968 67 or 68 Wheels?

    Those are 68/69 styled steel wheels. Grab them!
  11. stangfan

    1968 Doors won’t open

    I had that happen once with a 67 Fastback project car. Luckily a friend of mine was small enough that he was able to go in through the trunk and trap door to open them from the inside. I took the locks to a locksmith and had them fixed.
  12. stangfan

    For Sale 1968 GTCS 390/C6

    Those lights do not appear to be correct anyways, yellow lenses or not.
  13. stangfan

    1968 PB Booster

    Could it be the master cylinder? Low on brake fluid perhaps?
  14. stangfan

    I found this GT / CS and need some help

    Yeah, that one would cost a ton of money to restore. If the GT/CS bug has bitten you, find a better one.
  15. stangfan

    I found this GT / CS and need some help

    One of the best bits of advice I have received regarding classic Mustangs is "Buy the best car you can afford.". I always went back to that advice and never regretted it. These cars are out there. Do not buy it if it needs a lot of work. Gets very expensive fast if you have to pay someone to...
  16. stangfan

    I found this GT / CS and need some help

    There were actually 3,867 GT/CS cars built. The extra 250 were built that way, but converted over to High Country Specials. Be aware that they are much more rare in Canada than in the US. You really should look closer at this car before you go too far. Knock on the door. BTW, this IS the...
  17. stangfan

    1968 Power steering pump paint source? (referred to as "dark blue" or "teal")

    I seem to remember that these pumps were a "teal green" and it was difficult to find the paint years back.
  18. stangfan

    Swamp Cooler Thoughts?

    IMHO, that would not really look right on a Mustang. Just my .02 worth...
  19. stangfan

    1968 Highland Green GT/CS in Concord, NC

    Looks like one of Arlie's.