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Search results

  1. Mosesatm

    1968 Front suspension rebuild - current wisdom?

    I agree with Steve, but I might add upgrading the upper shafts to a bearing type, if there is such a thing.
  2. Mosesatm

    For Sale Aqua C-Code

    Great. Love to see it!!!
  3. Mosesatm

    1966-67 HCS LED replacement bulbs

    Will electric grease help?
  4. Mosesatm

    1968 2023 Hagerty Article

    I can’t figure out a way to find it.
  5. Mosesatm

    1968 GT/CS prototype

    Good lord!!!
  6. Mosesatm

    1968 2023 Hagerty Article

    Here’s an article about Dylan Feik’s GT/CS.
  7. Mosesatm

    For Sale 1968 California Special Meadowlark Yellow X Code 390

    It used to be owned by a site member named MY68GT/CS (Brance). He sold it to Edward Bodah, also from this site. https://californiaspecial.com/forums/threads/running-and-bucking-horses.14308/
  8. Mosesatm

    1968 LED taillight upgrade.

    Just ordered a set from WCCC
  9. Mosesatm

    1968 LED taillight upgrade.

    Depending on the brand, and how many lights you change, you may need to change your turn signal and emergency flashers.
  10. Mosesatm

    1968 Prepping for media blasting

    It the swoopy line that runs along the front edge of the scoop. Most painters sand it smooth for some reason.
  11. Mosesatm

    1968 side scoop removal

    That makes sense. Installing the nut on a punched hole would certainly be difficult.
  12. Mosesatm

    1968 Fog Light Pedestal

    I can send you a set of the Lucas pedestals, if that’s what you need. Just shoot me your address. You’ll need to paint them as it’s still too cold here to paint anything.
  13. Mosesatm

    For Sale White GTCS J-Code GT Survivor

    I'd say it's way overpriced considering the Canada J-code is around $45K.
  14. Mosesatm

    1968 side scoop removal

    The hole in the body, for the stud.
  15. Mosesatm

    1968 side scoop removal

    Is the notch a rain hole?
  16. Mosesatm

    1968 side scoop removal

    Isn’t the center hole usually punched instead of drilled?
  17. Mosesatm

    For Sale White GTCS J-Code GT Survivor

    It looks like they took it all apart and put it back together on a rotisserie, but left the original paint?
  18. Mosesatm

    For Sale CS in Arizona Facebook post

    Which car do you think it is?
  19. Mosesatm

    Post your Marti Report here

    Here are a few more. There seems to be a connection between bench seats and vinyl tops.