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  1. Jayscal

    Rebuilt P/S control valve

    Sold Sorry Tim, I didn't expect it to last long at the price I was asking.
  2. Jayscal

    Rebuilt P/S control valve

    If it doesn't sell this weekend its yours, its only a 3 day auction.
  3. Jayscal

    Mustang pic of Knotts Show circa 1988

    While checking some old pics, I found a picture of my buddy John hamming it up with his 68 fastback. This was after the Knotts Berry farm show was over in 1988. Behind his car is mine, then if you look behind that, there is Pauls car. Yes... thats where the crowd is, can't remember if this is...
  4. Jayscal

    Rebuilt P/S control valve

    I was cleaning out my closet and this unused rebuilt control valve turned up. Purchased from Mustangs unlimited in 2001. Ebay item # 200077777656 $120.00 Buy it now $125.00 This unit was never used, this is the deal of February. Must sell
  5. Jayscal

    Original 68 disc brake proportioning valve

    I have my original 68 disc brake proportiong valve listed on E-bay Item # 200077055889 $50.00 Buy it now $55.00 The unit worked fine when removed, I just upgraded all things replaceable when the brake system was restored on my vehicle. If you want concourse correct this is for you.
  6. Jayscal

    New seats in the old car

    I do agree with your statement, but good luck finding them. I can't see anyone having a 01 Bullitt Mustang and getting rid of their seats other than the car being totaled. Here is a pic of the Bullitt seats for the people who haven't seen them. They match our 68 interior perfectly.
  7. Jayscal

    New seats in the old car

    Update on new seats While posting over at the vintage Mustang forum, I met a guy who made seat track extenders for my driver seat. They are made of 1/8 angle iron, and allow my seat to go a additional 3 inches back, no welding required. They bolt to the stock track, you do have to remove the...
  8. Jayscal

    The GT/CS Book Update (hopeful?)

    Gee Paul, I would gladly pay in advance to get a copy 2-100. If you limited these to one per member advanced paid that would be sweet.
  9. Jayscal

    Stolen Shelby Alert in New York

    If this car was stolen, I am sure it will be parted out. I just can't see this how this car can be registered with a hot VIN number. What ever happens it is a sad story.
  10. new seats.jpg

    new seats.jpg

  11. cocoa beach stang.jpg

    cocoa beach stang.jpg

  12. Jayscal

    ADMIN - 2007 Calendars now on sale!

    I got my calendars and I am very pleased with them. All the cars look great, and this year the pictures looked very professional. I even had to order more because some of my friends who really aren't car people thought the calendar featured really "cool" cars and had to have one. After seeing...
  13. Jayscal

    Preferred way to restore engine bay?

    Hey PFSLIM did you hire a midget to work on the engine compartment? I see two legs with boots in the second picture you posted. The POR 15 looks good.
  14. Jayscal

    1/25 Scale GT/CS Parts

    Wow what a deal, I will take 10 of them. :rolleyes: (sarcasm off) Good god, another person trying to rip off GT/CS owners, do they think we are Shelby owners or what?
  15. Jayscal

    Nice weather...

    Lookin' good!!! It must have been a fun day.
  16. Jayscal

    GT/CS diecast models Group Buy

    Jon, Do you think Mini Muscle will give us free shipping?
  17. Jayscal

    GT/CS model on cover of magazine

    Pretty expensive magazine isn't it, I got the last copy on the stand today.
  18. Jayscal

    Wiper motor replacement

    Thanks for the link CJ Perkchiro.. I figured its a nasty job, thanks for the info. I might wait till I replace the dash pad to tackle this one.
  19. Jayscal

    Wiper motor replacement

    Rain-X works great, but I still want to replace that tired 38 year old wiper motor.