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  1. 66hcs-conv

    Final License Frames - GTCS & HCS

    Jon & Casey, I will take one of the HCS frames also. PM or call me with payment and shipping info. 970-two-two-two-978-five THANKS, Dave
  2. 66hcs-conv

    1966-67 HCS LED replacement bulbs

    Thank you gentlemen, I appreciate the information.
  3. 66hcs-conv

    ADMIN Welcome to the new forum software! - List of improvements

    Whew, I got password reset, and now able to get in. Really like the new format. THANKS Jon
  4. 66hcs-conv

    1966-67 HCS radio options

    who did the conversion?
  5. 66hcs-conv

    1966-67 HCS radio options

    Hi all, Looking at options to update or replace the AM radio in our '66. Found companies that will take our OEM radio and replace the electronics, and other companies that sell a complete new radio. I've had a bad experience with custom auto sound, so they are NOT an option. What...
  6. 66hcs-conv

    1966-67 HCS time for new tires?

    THANKS for the advise guys
  7. 66hcs-conv

    1966-67 HCS time for new tires?

    Hi all, The tires on our '66 are 9 years old, with 5,000 miles on them. Car is garaged and covered all the time. Absolutely no checking or cracks in the tires. We need to make a trip to Denver :icon_pani (150 miles round trip). Like anybody else, I don't like to spend $$$ if I don't have...
  8. 66hcs-conv

    1968 Wiring dilemma

    Neil, well done. Glad you got it figured out :smile:
  9. 66hcs-conv

    1968 Wiring dilemma

    Neil, Playing devils advocate here, and please don't take any offence. Are you sure the ground you are using in the trunk is good? Can you get voltage on other known good wires using the same ground point?
  10. 66hcs-conv

    For Sale 66 HCS on Bring a trailer

    Car was bid to $24,500 and reserve was not met
  11. 66hcs-conv

    For Sale 66 HCS on Bring a trailer

    https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1966-ford-mustang-371/ Some discrepancy with the VIN. Door tag is 6RO7C and fender is stamped 6RO7T. I think "C" is a V8 and "T" is 6 cyl. Possible mistake at San Jose?
  12. 66hcs-conv

    . Bob Teets

    Dan & family, We are very sorry for your loss. Your dad was a good friend to both myself and my wife Carol. We first met your dad 20 years ago at the Mustang show in Steamboat. He was always willing to help us with problems or questions about the high country Mustangs and an all around nice...
  13. 66hcs-conv

    Fords on 4th show cancelled!

    The 2022 Fords on 4th in Tucson show is cancelled. Southern AZ Mustang club decided the cost of putting on the show was too much. They are looking for another spot for the show, but there will not be a show this March. :sad:
  14. 66hcs-conv

    Is Jon (admin) still around?

    Thanks Jon
  15. 66hcs-conv

    Is Jon (admin) still around?

    Sent him a PM a week ago and have not heard from him.
  16. 66hcs-conv

    auto transport needed

    Looking to have a car hauled from PA to AZ. Anybody got a trucking company/broker they have had good experience with? Thanks for your advise. Dave
  17. 66hcs-conv

    looking for 90-93 Mustang conv

    Hi all, We are looking for a 90-93 Mustang convertible. Either one of the "Summer Edition" cars, or a '90 "7 UP" car, V8, prefer auto trans, but will look at either. Hope this is the correct place for the post. Thanks, Dave
  18. 66hcs-conv

    1968 Small coolant recovery tank

    Our '66 was burping up every time I drove it. I had one of the "concurs correct" radiator caps on the radiator. The cutsie cap was the problem - got one from NAPA, and it solved the problem.
  19. 66hcs-conv

    bluetooth & old Mustang radio

    I got the device shown above, and it does work thru my RediRad. Sound is not very good thru the 55 year old speaker. Maybe its time for a new radio. On the other hand the car is a convertible - don't kneed a good radio, just a loud one!