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I was faced with the same situation many years ago. Bear in mind, as a young man I worked in my Dad's garage, and averaged 3 brake jobs per day. 90% of the cars were drum brakes. Disc brakes were just catching on due to the international racing influence. (Yes, I'm old enough to remember Juan Fangio & Burnem-Up-Barnes.)

If the drums are worn beyond tolerance (.030" to .060") or warped you have no choice. Replace them.

Wheel cylinders can be overhauled by honing and replacing the seals. These parts are available at parts suppliers, and the cost is fractional compared to new cylinders.

Power or no Power? I much prefer Power Brakes (but not necessarily Disc, depending on what kind of driving you do, or if you're doing concourse level).
Power Drum brakes work VERY well for normal/casual driving, city or highway. Cost is much less than converting to Power Disc brakes (front disc only, not 4 wheel disc).
NPD advertises a Power Brake Booster for drum brakes for $300+,including a new Master Cylinder. I did this conversion on a '68 Mustang several years ago, and it worked great. A lot less work & cost than converting to Disc brakes, which you really don't need unless you're running high horse power and/or road courses.
Here are a couple photos of my last drum brake overhaul.
Hope this helps.

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