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In Original condition a mustang California Special

I have been a Ford and Ford Mustang Enthusiast for some years now, and today I learned something new. I saw a perfect old mustang in original condition, rarly found in illinois, driving down the road in Orland Park, IL. That I saw for the first time and While I was admireing the perfect original condition this mustang was in I saw a chrome tag that said it was a "California Special". I was surprised that I have never heared about a Mustang that called the "California Special" Much less of a musatng in as perfect original condition here. The person driving was the son of the original owner and was taking as close to the same care of it as his father had, yet knew nothing about it or any mustang for that matter. Yet would be willing to sell the car to the right person. My problem is I don't know much of this model and was wondering if anyone could fill me in, before making any decitions. thanks.
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