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Hi I just ordered a set of the correct Marchal light brackets to rework a good used 1967 mustang grill. The brackets are a reproduction made by Delta Bay Mustang. I talked to a gal there by the name of Zee. She said they come with a coat of primer and that they are the correct 3 inchish wide grill light bar for the 68 GTCS. My car is a late production so it came with the Lucas lights. I am going to carefully remove them for storage and install the NPD reproduction marchal lights as a personal preference as I think Shelby's original floating light design looks better IMHO
Zee said they will ship out to me tomorrow!
Delta Bay Mustang:
Yes I spoke with Zee she's a very nice lady.... I found a God that was gonna help me out that have some brackets and he's going to make me a grill.... Or else I would have purchased the ones from Delta Bay...
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