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For Sale 1968 GT/CS C-Code 289 Auto


Well-known member
Mar 19, 2003

1968 Mustang GT / CS
VIN 8R01C150138
Very nice car, has won many awards including several first place trophies at local shows. Excellent driver and wonderful performance all around. Extremely dependable – can drive anywhere.
Car was originally Britany Blue with blue interior. Car was professionally restored several years ago at which time the exterior color was changed to Candy Apple Red (Code T) and the interior was changed to black. 302 Engine is approximately 400HP with the following… ..Bored .040 over, World Products Heads, Eagle Rotating Assembly, 10 to 1 comp, Xtreme Energy Comp Cam, Edelbrock intake with 750 Holly, MSD Ignition, and Griffin Radiator with electric fan. C-4 Transmission with shift kit and 2200 stall. Tons on money was spent on this car and it shows in the look and performance.
Original Options include: Vinyl Roof, Tinted Glass, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Factory Air, remote control mirror, passenger side mirror, wood steering wheel, AM FM Radio.


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Mar 1, 2007
The Marti Report doesn't list Power Brakes, or Vinyl Top, as the seller lists them as Original Equipment. Nice options, though.