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For Sale 1968 GT/CS Lime Gold 289 Auto


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Mar 19, 2003
If you are a Mustang enthusiast, you know about the California Special Mustangs offered in 1968. For those who don’t know about them, here is a little back story. During the 1968 model run, the California Western region Ford Dealers offered a limited production Mustang which was based on the Shelby Mustang GT coupe that was planned to be built but was never actually produced. The California Special was born from these cancelled Shelby GT coupe plans. The California Special was a base model hardtop Mustang with some added body components and mid-body striping. The GT/CS’s were built only out of the San Jose, California plant. This group of Mustangs came with the Interior Decor Trim and Exterior Decor Trim package. Also on the exterior was a Shelby styled trunk, quarter extensions, side scoops, taillights, and a mid-body tape stripe. Between February 17 and July 30 of 1968, the San Jose plant turned out some 4,118 California Specials. Given the build location, all GT/CS VINs should begin with the sequence "8R01." A buyer could order just about any options they wanted, so long as those options were available on a standard Mustang coupe. This meant any engine or transmission, from the 200 six-cylinder all the way up to the Cobra-Jet 428. The same went for color and trim options that didn't interfere with the GT/CS features.
We are proud to offer this 1968 California Special on consignment which is coming from a 25-year private ownership. A complete restoration was performed on the car starting in 2007 and was finished up in 2012. It was refinished in the stunning factory color combination of Lime Gold with black interior. The options include the California Special package, the factory 289 V8 engine that has been rebuilt and upgraded with Pertronix Ignitor-II ignition, Edelbrock Performer aluminum 4-bbl intake, Edelbrock4-bbl carburetor, aluminum finned Ford racing valve covers, coated headers, and flex fan. It has the original rebuilt C-4 automatic transmission, 2:79 standard ratio rear axle, power front disc brakes, power steering, interior décor group with over head console, factory tinted glass, remote driver mirror, retro-fit AM-FM stereo/trunk mounted CD changer with rear deck and kick panel speakers, Scott Drake 17-inch Shelby style aluminum wheels, and factory A/C -which was reinstalled but never converted or charged. The car comes with some extra new trim pieces as well as most of the original parts removed during the restoration including the factory steel styled wheels. It is documented with the Marti-Report, restoration manuals, file of restoration receipts and product information, and a thumb-drive of restoration photos. If you are looking for a great investment and a car that you can drive and enjoy, please take a look.
Please visit classiccarsinc.com for more photos and walk around video.
Asking: $48,500.



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Nov 16, 2017
Looks like a decent price given the flaws. Whoever put the Mustang script on the driver's side fender must have been really inebriated.