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1968 GT/CS Mustang 6cyl. for sale


Feb 17, 2003
I have a 1968 GT/CS , 6 cyl. for sale. I purchased the car in 2000 from a GT/CS member. The car has been confirmed by a standard marti report as being a ture GT/CS. The car has been garaged kept. It has no power and stock am radio. It does have a deluxe steering wheel ? go figure.....

As far as GT/CS's go the 6 cylinders are rare. They only made about 70 automatics and 65 manuals 6 cyl.. With color combo's and options the numbers are very low and they do get better gas mileage then their bigger sisters.


As purchased, the car had been hit in the rear, the drive side rear qt has been replaced. the pass side may need replacement ( have panel ) too. It needs a hood, both front fenders and front valance. It may also need a driver side door skin ( have panel ) the car is not rusted and floor pans, torq boxs , etc look ok. The car is white and has a blue interior which is complete and installed except for dash pad. I has the lucas lights, twist lock hood pins, side vents, repo trunk lid, end caps and tail panel. has correct tail lights , scripts and almost everything need to restore car.

I purchased the car basically site unseen. I purchasded the car for $ 3,300 and put another $ 1,250 into the car. I think the car is worth restoring. the price for the car is $3,000 firm. The car is located in Virginia and the title is clear.

The reason I'm selling the car is because I have too many projects. 56 Buick, 1966 Mustang coupe ( for sale ) and moving into a new house needing alot of help.

Anyway, if you have interest you can contact me at the following:

Ron Gandy:

(540) 854-9092 ( After 6pm EDT - before 10pm EDT )

(cell) 540-212-3453 ( After 6pm EDT - before 10pm EDT )

email: forbsgandy@aol.com or here

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