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For Sale 1968 GT/CS Rust Free Project


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Aug 21, 2002
I have decided to sell my 1968 GT/CS project. Its a true GT/CS with Deluxe Marti report to confirm it. Car is Pebble Beige with black interior and a C- code (289ci) automatic transmission.Has factory air p/s and manual drum brakes.
This has been a California car and Nevada car all its life. When I purchased it it had the original paint from doors back. The GT/CS still has:
Original engine and transmission
Original floors
Original quarter panels
Original trunk floor
Cowl never been repaired
I put a pair of Ford tooling fenders and dynacorn hood and right side door shell.
I have purchased a lot of the correct fiberglass parts like: Trunk lid (used original) Trunk extensions (used originals) Passenger side scoop(nos)
The only GT/CS parts that are needed are the grill and the fiberglass tail light panel
I also have the Lucas fog lights very good used condition
This Mustang has been stripped of its paint and ready to primer and paint it.
The original engine was started to be rebuilt and its dissasembled right now and the original transmission is included but needs rebuild
The interior has to be refurbished
On its way to a shop the car fell out of the transporter head first. The insurance paid for the repair which was done by an expert metal fabricator that specializes in classic cars. The car was put on a frame machine to check alignment and 2 new shock towers assemblies and new radiator support from DYNACORN were installed. The car is straight as an arrow and I decided to replace the torque boxes too which were in very good shape.
If you want a cheap rusty project to build on; this car is not for you,however if you are looking for a rust free solid Mustang that needs no metal work whatsoever this is definitely a car to consider
I would like to sell it to someone that finishes the car properly and enjoy it for a long time.
Its a very RARE factory color of Pebble Beige and if you know Mustangs how many 44 year old stangs have you seen that still have the original engine,transmission cowl,floors and quarter panels?
I can fax the Marti report to any interested party
Will sell Worldwide but you must make your own shipping arrangements
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or PM me.


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