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For Sale 1968 Sea Foam Green 289 GTCS


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May 5, 2011
Chandler, AZ
1968 California Special Mustang - Full glass-out, drivetrain-out restoration. One of 3867 produced. Deluxe Marti Report Included. Sea Foam Green w/Black Vinyl Top (original color combo) Numbers matching. Original window sticker included with car. Full photo book of restoration available.

Car shows 126K miles, believed to be original. I purchased the car in 2014 from the second owner. He owned the car since 1981. C-Code 289 V8 - Original motor rebuilt at approximately 85K miles. Runs extremely well.
C4 Transmission with stock 2.79 gears.

When I purchased the car, it was an original paint, black plate CA car. An ideal car to restore. The car has it's original red-oxide primer floors. All glass, including the windshield are original. Paint and bodywork done by Vista Auto in Phoenix AZ.

I restored the car to be driven and have put 5K miles on it since finishing the restoration. I added AC, PDB and dual exhaust at time of restoration. Last year added a Borgeson Steering box, new front shocks and had the car aligned. The car had a Shelby Drop on the front end when I purchased it (which looked odd with Chevy wire hubcaps).

The car has a rare set of mid-60s Cragar wheels with Shelby center caps. These have been widened from stock but have great patina. I have an offer on the wheels if they don't sell with the car.

All receipts and restoration documentation included. Some original parts are included.

Another classic Mustang opportunity has come up and don't have the space for additional classics.

Private Message to discuss.

Craig (Azbeneman)


  • GTCS on street.jpg
    GTCS on street.jpg
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Nov 3, 2017
I just love Seafoam Green, especially with the vinyl roof.

The engine bay aprons just scream RUST FREE, you can clearly see the spot welds!

Good luck with your sale!