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SOLD 24-Years-Owned 1968 Ford Mustang California Special

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Mar 19, 2003
his 1968 Ford Mustang coupe is one of 4,118 examples ordered with California Special equipment, which was available only for the 1968 model year. The car was built at the San Jose, California plant and was sold new at Midway Ford Sales of Los Angeles. The current owner acquired the car in 1997 from its reported original owner and subsequently had it refinished in green over a refreshed black interior. Power comes from a 289ci V8 paired with a three-speed automatic transmission, and equipment includes fog lights, a rear spoiler, side scoops and stripes, 14″ GT-style wheels, power steering, a center console, and a radio. Service since 2019 has included rebuilding the transmission and the carburetor, replacing the battery, and changing the oil. This California Special is now offered with service records, refurbishment photos, a Deluxe Marti report, black California license plates, and a clean California title issued to the seller’s wife in 1997.he car was delivered new in Highland Green (R) with California Special equipment that included fog lights, a revised rear taillight panel and taillights, a three-piece spoiler with a stripe, a special fuel cap, and side stripes that terminate with GT/CS script on the side scoops. The bottom area of the passenger-side quarter panel was replaced due to rust, and the entire car was refinished in 1998. A dent in the hood was repaired and refinished in 2009. The seller also notes rust bubbles in the passenger-side fender near the rocker panel, cracks in the rear spoiler, a chip next to the passenger-side rear window, and other imperfections.
The seller sourced GT-style ventilated 14″ wheels that utilize beauty rings and blank hubcaps. They are mounted with BFGoodrich Radial T/A white-letter tires, and the car is also equipped with power steering.he car received a standard black vinyl interior with bucket seats from the factory. Under current ownership the carpeting, door panels, and components on the dashboard are said to have been replaced, and a center console was added. Other features include Mustang-logo floor mats and a radio. The seller notes that the console lights and dome lights are inoperable.A two-spoke steering wheel frames woodgrain-trimmed instrumentation that includes a 120-mph speedometer and combination gauges. The five-digit odometer shows 28k miles and has rolled over. Approximately 7k miles have been added since 1997.The 289ci V8 is finished in blue with a matching air-cleaner assembly with an orange 289 sticker. The C-code V8 was rated for 195 horsepower and 288 lb-ft of torque in 1968. The seller states that service within the past 100 miles has included rebuilding the carburetor, replacing the battery, and changing the oil. The seller also notes an oil drip toward the rear of the oil pan.
The Deluxe Marti report lists the color scheme, factory equipment, and build statistics, including that just 4,118 Mustangs were ordered with California Special equipment. The car was built on March 13, 1968, and a corresponding trim tag is pictured in the gallery. The title was issued in 1997 and indicates that the vehicle was registered on its current black California license plates at that time.



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