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For Sale California Special Parts


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Jan 18, 2005


  • CS Parts 1.jpg
    CS Parts 1.jpg
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  • CS Parts 4.jpg
    CS Parts 4.jpg
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  • CS Parts 3.jpg
    CS Parts 3.jpg
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  • CS Parts 2.jpg
    CS Parts 2.jpg
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Mar 26, 2010
Too bad pickup only!

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robert campbell

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Apr 10, 2007
Was looking at photo 3 and photo 4. Photo 4 next to the Ford part box looks like the later edition of the California Special script that is "more rounded" on the edges of the letters. Photo 3 is a bit far away, but it looks like the original scripts (not the handmade first 14) that are almost flat if not flat like they were on a belt sander before chromed. And original script from a car and not a later reproduction. I have had both in my hands and there are definite differences for those GT/CS purists!

Not sure where the remains of the California Special script that was on my early car. I am not so sure that I did not send them to somebody on this site?