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Early vs. Late Lucas Square 8 Foglights


Well-known member
Jan 18, 2005
The lights on the left side of each photo are the early (not sure when they switched) lights with the small black O-ring grommets. The lights on the right are the later models with the large gray cone-shaped grommets.

But the grommets are not the whole story. The wiring inside the lights is also different. Note that the early light has a ground wire attached to a tab on the bulb holder but the later light is missing that wire, even though it has the hole in the tab for it.

Also note that the early light has no wires in the housing, just a juction block with 2 female connectors.

Any lens can be used with any housing but a jumper is required to install a late lens into an early housing.


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May 4, 2007
Ventura County, CA
K, one more post before I hit the sack. Thanks for sharing that Arlie! I was looking at lights on ebay last month and one thing I noticed w/regards to the lens was that the correct Lucas lens for our cars says "England" on them and later ones say "Foreign Glass" but look pretty much the same. I'm not sure when they switched either but I thought I saw something that it was around '72 give or take a year or so. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though but that's kind of what I remember reading a while ago. Mine are luckily still the originals and have the small black O-ring grommets w/lens that have England on them.

On a side note I did find a very nice pair of the original Lucas fog light covers, the black ones w/the small round peep hole in them. The guy I got them from said his grandfather had found them in the glove compartment of his '68 Shelby Mustang when he bought it new and were in his basement in storage. I know there has been much discussion about the covers and them not officially being sold w/our cars and the Shelby's at the time although as mentioned in previous posts regarding the subject some people did actually find them in their glove compartments. My take is dealers weren't really sure what to do w/them and/or some were swiped before the cars were sold. Who knows. I know, I know, only the Shadow knows!