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emergency brake handle


Well-known member
Jan 20, 2005
The emergency brake handle is not well designed. The portion you pull on is thinly connected to the handle body (which has a metal-barrel core) with just plastic. So the handle tends to break at the main body after repeatly setting the parking brake.
The handle is connected to the emergency brake shaft by a hardend-interference fit pin that is pressed flush with the handle body. Someone
on this site wrote he drives the pin into the shaft (see post on the discussion forum; sorry I forgot to see who it was before starting this note). Since he didn't say whether
the hole in the shaft goes all the way through the shaft, i was afraid to do this so i trimmed the plastic from around the pin, grabbed onto the pin with channel-lock pliers, and then used a tack hammer to tap the channel locks which drew the pin out easily.
The hole in the shaft goes all the way through! Next time i will use a C-clamp with a small size screw to drive the pin into the shaft, then remove the handle, and then continue driving the pin out the others side. I did use the C-clamp to press the new pin into the new handle/shaft combination.


Active member
Aug 20, 2002
brake handle

I read your method of taking off the old brake handle by peeling off the plastic, this sounds like a good idea since the old one is junk anyway. When I did my handle I was going to use it again that is why I tapped it out. However you c clamp idea also sounds good also, I will try this next time I remove the handle. Joel