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FAQ - How to upload photos to the forum


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Aug 18, 2002

How do I upload a photo to my post here in the forums?

With the new forum software as of Dec 2022, attaching photos to the forum is now much easier! You can now copy and paste photos directly into a post! This is HUGE! This can be done from several sources, including a file on your computer, from your phone, a screen shot or an image anywhere on the web. And once the photo is inserted you can now easily adjust the size and alignment, so the text of your posts can now nicely wrap around photos.

Other improvements - Phone orientation is now recognized by the forum software, so sideways or upside down photos should no longer be a problem. Full size photos also now automatically adjust their width to match the size if your browser window or device screen, so no more having to scroll sideways to see those huge photos.

Option 1 - Drag and drop

You can drag and drop photos directly from your computer into your post. Simply open a folder on your computer with the photo you want, then left click on it, hold and drag it into your post as you're writing it. You can also "copy and paste". If you are on a Windows computer select the photo on your computer, hold down "CTRL + C" keys to copy, then go into your forum message window and hold down "CTRL + P" to paste. On a Mac it's "Command + C" and "Command + V"


Option 2 - Use the "Attach Files" button

This is very similar to how you would attach photos on the old forum software. As you are composing your message, click the "Attach files" button at the bottom. This brings up a window where you can browse your computer folders for the photos you want. To upload more than 1 photo hold down the CTRL key and select multiple photos. Depending on the number and size of photos it may take a minute to upload.


Once you've uploaded, you'll see your photos along the bottom of your message window. Click the "Insert..." icon in the upper left of each photo to actually bring it into your message. Once it's in, you can move it or resize it as needed. Click the photo in your post and you'll see "grip boxes" at the corners, allowing you to stretch the photo.


Option 3 - Attach photos directly from your phone or tablet

If you are using the forum from your phone or tablet you can upload photos directly from that device. Start by clicking the "image" icon (circled in red below) then tap the "drop image" box that pops up. You'll then be able to either take a live photo, or browse your phone for any existing photos you want to upload.

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