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For Sale Nice if they woulda...GT/CS Vert tribute.

Canuck CSter

Well-known member
Apr 6, 2003
Would have made a really nice looking car, if Ford made a GT/CS convertible. Great looking resto IMO just as it sits. Seen these over the yrs and recall a red/white top GT/CS. 15 yrs or more ago.. Dude had a big block in it and 4 sp stick, shoulda bought it asking was 25K. Then I'd have 2 storage problems..lol

Snows piling up in the driveway........My mind tends to wonder, rather than shoveling it.


DR in Ottawa

P.S. I hope all our CS families and friends have a happy and safe Holidays
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Jul 17, 2006
Shock tower braces are very necessary for the structural integrity of these cars. Not having them installed could be catastrophic.