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Power Brake Booster


Well-known member
Feb 9, 2004
Weatherby Lake, MO
We have spoken about this in the past but thought it would be good to post here as well.

When purchasing a new power brake booster from your local auto parts store, be prepared to have the booster not function properly. We installed 3 power brake boosters until we found one that worked properly. We were getting enough vacuum from our manifold and reported that to the auto parts store, however, we still did not have power brakes. Finally, we received one good item and had power brakes.

According to several members from this site and others, the remanfactured or rebuilt power brake boosters are not that good. If you can recondition yours, it is worth it to try it first, before buying another item.



Active member
May 23, 2006
Here in Mexico we had a car called Datsun of Nissan(the cheapest) those cars had booster and Fits perfectly 67 68 mustangs and "new" only cost 30 dls much better than the new boosters that I bought before(through ebay) thinking that it would work well... but now It works better to my original breaks...