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For Sale Seafoam C-code on BAT


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Jan 18, 2005
Here is a previous thread for this car when it was on Craigslist a month ago.

There are over 400 photos in the new BAT auction.

Auction Description
This 1968 Ford Mustang was delivered new to Charles Reid Ford In Lincoln, California, and is one of 4,118 California Special examples produced for the model year. The car is finished in Seafoam Green over gold vinyl and was acquired by the seller in April 2019. A mechanical refurbishment in February 2021 included resealing the 289ci V8, rebuilding the three-speed automatic transmission, overhauling the brakes, and more as described below. This California Special is now offered with a Deluxe Marti report, removed parts, and a clean California title in the seller’s name.

The car wears an older repaint in Seafoam Green, and California Special features include hood locks, fog lights, side scoops, GT/CS graphics, and California Special badging. The seller states that the taillights have been replaced, and flaws include bare primer on the right side, a chip in the windshield, and corrosion under the passenger-side floorboard support brace.

Styled 14″ steel wheels are missing center caps and wear 205/70 Primewell PS850 tires that were reportedly mounted in 2011. The brake shoes, springs, and hoses were replaced during current ownership along with the wheel cylinders, wheel bearings, and seals.

The cabin features gold vinyl seats with charcoal inserts along with seafoam green interior sheet metal. The seller states that the HVAC blower motor, flap seals, vent seals, and parking brake release handle were replaced and notes the following flaws:
- Torn seats and headliner
- Broken driver seat fold-down lever
- Broken driver-side window crank
- Broken turn signal switch
- Stuck left-rear window
- Missing weatherstripping

The two-spoke steering wheel frames a 120-mph speedometer and auxiliary gauges. The five-digit odometer shows 60k miles, and total mileage is unknown. The seller notes that the fuel gauge is a replacement.

Power is provided by a 289ci V8 paired with a three-speed automatic transmission. An engine reseal was carried out during current ownership and reportedly included replacing the following components:
- Freeze plugs
- Rear main seal
- Water pump
- Thermostat
- Radiator
- Fuel pump
- Fuel supply line
- Fuel tank float
- Oil pressure switch
- Battery
- Battery tray and tie-down
- Spark plugs and wires
- Distributor cap
- Exhaust system
- The transmission, carburetor, and starter were also rebuilt.


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Mar 1, 2007
The ad doesn't state an engine overhaul- just peripheral items.
In its current condition, $10K tops. IMHO