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For Sale Tahoe Turquoise GT/CS


Well-known member
Jan 18, 2005

From the Ad
1968 Ford Mustang "California Special
In 1968 Ford launched a limited production run of Mustangs the so called GT/CS or "California Special" . Around 4,100 CS Mustangs were built, primarily for the California market and eventually for some other sales districts. Based on the Shelby prototype "Little Red" all of those cars were equipped with Thunderbird taillights, a rear spoiler deck lid, hood pins and side air intakes to mention some of the features.
This example was finished in Tahoe Torquise with Black Vinyl interior and is powered by a 289cui V8 engine.

It is equipped with power steering, automatic transmission, factory AC, a 4bbl carburetor, dual exhaust and has a set of brand new tires. She runs and drives absolutely perfect and was taken to a lot of long distance drives with no problem. The engine starts and runs smooth with good power and the transmission shifts smooth, as it should.
The Mustang was repainted in the original Tahoe Torquise several years ago and looks very presentable overall but has some small imperfections and bubbling coming up on the rear fender. The rest of the body and floors appear to be very solid throughout the whole car. The interior is clean and shows a nice patina but has no rips or tears anywhere.

We offer financing and transportation to your door!

She is ready to hit the road so check her out in our showroom today!

For our overseas customers:

We gladly help you to get your classic shipped to your country worldwide and delivered right to your home. With years of experience we work together with the best partners in the shipping business to make sure you classic car gets there . We also offer a "German TUV Service" where we take care of all the things that need to be changed or taken care of, to get it road legal in Europe.


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