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For Sale Time to let her go...


Active member
Mar 24, 2014
Dallas, Tx
After almost 10 years with Brandy our GTCS I have finally decided to let her go. She has been a loyal friend through a move from Hawaii to Texas, two house moves in Texas, and a birth of a child! I really would love to let her go to one of the members here who I have always looked to for advice and that have an insane amount of GTCS knowledge.

I purchased Brandy in 2014 from a gentleman in Honolulu Hawaii. He had purchased the car from someone in California who we believe was the second owner. I have a history somewhere. The car under the previous owner underwent several upgrades including an engine rebuild and cylinder boring that left her at .030 over stock 289ci. I have many of the receipts and pictures from that project done in Hawaii. Classic Auto Air AC was installed in Hawaii, as well as disc brakes in the front, I have the receipts. Although the AC blows warm now, and needs a recharge I believe.

Since I have owned her I have done many extensive projects as well. In 2015, I installed new steering components, front brakes and full suspension (front and rear) components as well as a rust repair under the battery tray. In 2020, she underwent a total engine rebuild (no cylinder boring just clean and polish), transmission overhaul, new rear brakes, new master cylinder, new brake lines, new exhaust, new radiator, and an engine compartment paint and refurb. I also removed the CD player and ugly footwell speakers and replaced with stock AM radio and NOS foot kick panels. New fuel sender in 2015...although it still doesn't read accurately (3/4 empty is empty...trust me). New tires in 2020, replaced the black wheels with chrome wheels and beauty rings (I have the original wheels and hub caps). Most all engine and under hood components are NOS parts, new battery as well. Lucas lights are in perfect shape as well. I installed sequential turn signal lights under the hood scoops.

She has some exterior blemishes, driver door (I removed the door by myself and chipped the paint...ouch), various dings in the door that previous owners did a terrible job fixing. Interior is in great shape.

Mechanically she is in excellent shape after my 2020 project. She runs cool in the hot summer here in Dallas, and will crank over no problem after sitting for months...

I'm super proud of this car and the work I've personally done over the years maybe too proud but I don't have any urgency to let her go and I want to make sure she ends up in the right hands. I'm asking $55,000 but I will entertain offers that are reasonable. This is a great car, she's in our registry and I have the Marty report as well. I'll toss in all the remaining parts and knickknacks I have for her.

I will be posting to FB as well, but I wanted to at least see if anyone was interested here on the forum. I have more pictures of her current condition and pictures of the projects as well for anyone interested in making an offer.



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Mar 19, 2003
This is one of the best colors you could get on a GTCS. Only 107 were produced in presidential blue. GLWS